Will teachers and school staff join students in pro-homosexual “silence” on Friday, April 21? Homosexual activists hope so.

Today, say a prayer of thanksgiving for the responsible, moral teachers out there, the ones standing between your children and a total meltdown of our schools.

Because another kind of educator is emerging – school officials and teachers who seek to be “change agents” for radical causes and who devise plans to use your children as guinea pigs.

The sneaky tactics and dirty tricks seem to be accelerating.

Sadly, many educators have joined the mute propaganda of the “Day of Silence” in past years. Ironically, that day is the only respite many schools get from loud, incessant homosexual and transgender demands.

The DOS claims to be a “student-led” movement, but it’s actually orchestrated by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, with students directed by adult activists in this hostile protest against heterosexuality and sound moral values. And GLSEN hopes teachers become “allies and advocates.” It’s why my organization and others recommend a DOS Walk-Out.

The deceptive spin prior to this alleged “anti-bullying” event more than makes up for Friday’s silence. No one wants bullying, yet preventing it does not require any student or educator to embrace deviant behavior. The marriage of these two unrelated concepts is just as illegitimate as same-sex unions.

For some educators, defying parents while corrupting kids has become standard operating procedure. A few recent examples:

  1. A 16-year-old Oklahoma girl returned home after a field trip to a youth services agency with a three-year birth control implant. No parental notice was given that students would be offered this option. The Langston Hughes Academy (a charter school) gave the excuse that under Title X federal funding, no parental notice is required for contraception if a student is age 12 or over and on the premises of a birth-control provider. It’s another nightmare of federal regulatory intervention into the lives of American families.
  2. A high-school boy in Pennsylvania was told by the school principal to just “act natural” and be “tolerant” of a girl in her underwear in the boys’ locker room. In a meeting with his parents, the superintendent touted the school’s inclusivity before suggesting that if the boy was too uncomfortable, he should withdraw and be homeschooled. The family has initiated a lawsuit against the Boyertown school district.
  3. Two moms in New Jersey have retained a legal firm following intense harassment and personal attacks from their children’s middle school. The mothers first talked with school officials and the school board, then appeared on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Fox News program to describe the propaganda lessons and video about “The Five Pillars of Islam” shown to seventh graders enrolled in a world cultures and geography course.The video features the Islamic conversion creed as if it is fact, that “There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” Nothing in the lesson revealed Islam’s ruthless jihadist history, the massacres and philosophy of brutal conquest, and no other religion was covered in such a glowing, detailed manner. The school has failed to answer questions about where the material came from or who approved the lesson.
  4. Off-site pro-homosexual events are proliferating, with GLSEN leading these “outreach” efforts to high-school students and even middle schoolers. In Richmond, Virginia, the local chapter of GLSEN held a “Gay Straight Alliance Summit” for high-school students at Virginia Commonwealth University on March 25, and according to the Facebook post, 12 students attended. College students were also present, presumably to assist with workshops and other networking. It was described as follows:“This event is geared for high-school students who participate in or are interested in creating or joining gay-straight alliances in their schools. The aim of this event is to help students become more plugged into GLSEN and join workshops, breakout groups, and other panels geared toward being LGBTQ+ in high school and topics related to GSAs. We will also be incorporating an optional strand for transgender students that is focused around transgender student topics.”

    Were teachers at local schools encouraging students to attend with or without parental knowledge? It’s always possible with such events. Parents in Idaho recently found out the hard way that, when “supporting” students who are interested in a homosexual or transgendered identity, some educators will even go around specific parent instructions.

  5. At Forrest Bird Charter School in Idaho, parents of a high-functioning autistic teen girl were told in advance that a homosexual/transgender club would be forming, and these parents specifically told the school their daughter was not to attend. Yet the girl, who has already struggled with gender confusion, was taken off campus to a local middle school for the meeting. The parents only discovered the subterfuge when delivering the girl’s forgotten lunch, only to find she was not at school. The school maintains nothing inappropriate happened. However, in a recorded conversation, the principal reveals that she and several teachers had planned this club for months “on the down low” while maintaining this was the “students’ club.” Students who want to attend such a club don’t necessarily want their parents to know because “… this is northern Idaho,” the principal said.
  6. Teachers in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District had plans during National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month in April to read a gender-bending book to children without notifying parents. “Jacob’s New Dress” was to be read to children as young as first grade before Easter to cover sexual and gender-based harassment. But a tip from a concerned teacher and publicity about the covert plan brought it out of the closet, so children were read a different book, called “Red: A Crayon’s Story” instead.

Have you had it with such underhanded tactics? Consider Christian schools or homeschooling for your children instead.

Until then, parents, keep your kids home on the Day of Silence. Visit this site for more information.

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