Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Barack Obama may have left office on Jan. 20, but he didn’t go far – only two miles to the Kalorama neighborhood of northwest Washington, D.C., where his family lives with former senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who moved into his 8,200-square-foot $5.3 million mansion.

There, she reportedly convinced him to lead the opposition to his successor, Donald Trump.

Instead of stepping out of the picture, as have most former presidents, Obama has set up a sort of shadow government to protect his legacy and undermine Trump.

And former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is warning American Christians to come up with their own plan to counter Barack and Michelle Obama’s subversion.

“They plan to continue, without skipping a beat, their agenda of radically transforming the United States,” Bachmann told host Jan Markell on a recent episode of “Understanding the Times Radio.” “We need to recognize that they have a strategy, but we need to have a strategy, too, and our strategy is to live in the light of the gospel and to radically transform this country and the world toward the gospel with the freeing, liberating power of Jesus Christ.”

With a new president in office, Bachmann believes it is possible for America to pull back from the “sin agenda” of the Obama years and move in a different direction. She thinks the voters kept hope alive by elevating Trump to the White House last November.

“I think [the American people] recognized this was the last exit ramp for the country, and if we were not going to see a political change, if Hillary Clinton was going to continue and double down on the policies of Barack Obama, I think people just saw no hope that the United States would return to a position of Judeo-Christian morality,” the former congresswoman declared.

Philip Haney, a former Customs and Border Protection officer who co-authored “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” spent election night 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska. For several months, he had felt the tide turning in Trump’s favor, so he felt the best place to be on election night would be in the heart of America. Having observed firsthand the destructive national security policies of the Obama years, Haney felt privileged to witness Trump’s triumph.

“I was so gratified to see that what I felt I was observing was actually, in fact, true,” Haney said during his joint appearance with Bachmann on “Understanding the Times Radio.”

“It wasn’t just my hopeful imagination that I was seeing across the country; it really did happen. It was like beholding a form of, let’s call it a political miracle. To me the election was like a combination of Passover, a great deliverance and the re-Declaration of Independence. … I really want us to all realize not only as we look ahead at what we hope will happen in the months and years ahead, but also to comprehend what we were delivered from.”

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Bachmann acknowledged Trump was far from an ideal candidate, but Hillary Clinton would have been much worse – her record of corruption was well established.

Haney, for his part, reminded the audience God often works through imperfect people.

“If people thought he was either a nitwit or a misfit, and they didn’t like everything about him, I like to remind believers especially that the Lord specializes in nitwits and misfits,” he quipped. “I mean, look at the people in the Bible and the dysfunction He worked through despite all the flaws of character that people had. What are we looking for? A perfect person or someone who will grow by the grace of God into the position?”

But Trump is not a nitwit, Bachmann interjected. After all, he earned a fortune in the real-estate industry through his own intelligence and hard work. Then he created a successful and long-running TV show, and then he conquered the establishments of both political parties as a presidential candidate.

In Bachmann’s view, God gave Americans a reprieve with the election of Donald Trump. But now the question is for what purpose people of faith will use that reprieve.

“Over 50 years of destruction, destroying the foundations of this country – you don’t just turn that on a dime unless God again intervenes. And that’s where I think as believers it wasn’t just the election that we were to be in prayer about – it’s today that we’re to be in prayer about,” Bachmann proclaimed.

The former congresswoman suggested believers focus on turning themselves toward God in the midst of a world that has not turned away from evil or rebellion.

“What we need to be about is His business and cry out to him for our families, for our nation, for our president, for his cabinet,” she said. “We need to cry out because Donald Trump, God bless him, I wouldn’t want to be him. He’s in a very difficult situation, and we need a sovereign God to have His hand on his shoulder.”

Bachmann pointed out there are many devout Christians serving in the Trump administration, such as Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

“We’re in a unique period of history, so the last thing believers should do is go to sleep and sit back and criticize,” Bachmann said. “Just imagine, after four years of this administration, the question will be what did we do? What did we do as believers? Did we pray? Did we fast? Did we speak out? What did we do?”

The congresswoman believes if Christians continue to seek the Lord during the next four years, and trust in His power, the country could be on the verge of remarkable things.

She said if believers focus on “the power of a miracle-working God to change things in our midst and trust Him for His majestic power, we could see great things happen, just like in the first century.”

“The first 12 disciples saw the impossible happen because a majestic God performed miracles in their midst.”

Your government is not doing all it can to protect you – hear it straight from a DHS whistleblower. Get “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad” now at the WND Superstore!

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