These days, everyone knows about “fake news” and the false narratives pushed by the liberal media. But what about “fake history” pushed by the liberal public school system?

For example, certain lies are endlessly repeated about Thomas Jefferson, perhaps this country’s most mysterious Founding Father.

Among the most infamous is the claim he fathered children with his slave Sally Hemings, a charge that has never been proven.

Nonetheless, on the March 7 edition of “The CBS Evening News,” Chip Reed declared Jefferson’s affair with Hemings was “widely accepted by historians.”

Fortunately, there’s now an alternative for parents who want their children to learn the truth about American history. David Barton, author of the New York Times bestseller “The Jefferson Lies” and the founder of WallBuilders, has created “A Republic, If You Can Keep It.”

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It” is a full curriculum about government for use by homeschooling parents or anyone in public or private schools. It meets state standards, prepares for the college CLEP exams, which could earn three college credits, in a broadcast-quality multimedia presentation. It also features commentary from Dennis Prager, Brad Stine and former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

“‘A Republic, If You Can Keep It’ is designed primarily for private school and homeschooled students to meet their U.S. government credit requirements, but can be used by any educational institution,” Barton told WND. “It can also be used by any individual wishing to learn more about the unique American design of government and the duty of citizens within our system.”

Discover the truth behind the most mysterious Founding Father. Read the book which a fanatic media offensive pulled from publication – now available once again only from WND. “The Jefferson Lies” by David Barton. Don’t miss it!

Barton wrote “The Jefferson Lies” to combat what he says is an endless series of lies told about Jefferson. The new curriculum is another step in Barton’s long effort to provide Americans with a way of receiving a true education about their history and system of government.

“The curriculum teaches the basic structure and process of American government, but uniquely addresses the original intent of the Founders and points out where certain aspects of their constitutional design are being ignored, distorted or misapplied,” he said.

“During this analysis, the student will learn, through the specific words and actions of the Founders, among other things, the myths about the role of the judiciary, the separate jurisdictions of the federal government, the original purpose of various constitutional amendments, and much more.

“Jefferson had a substantial influence on the American philosophy of limited government and the proper jurisdiction of each branch,” Barton said.

“Today, too many false stereotypes are presented about Jefferson and the other Founders, or valid points are simply reduced to clichés or deliberately misleading interpretations. This curriculum places a heavy emphasis on original source documentation, and thus allows Jefferson and the other Founders to speak for themselves without having academics and judges and journalists substitute their own views and opinions for the actual writings and declarations of the Founders.”

Barton claims the curriculum has already received an enthusiastic reception.

“The product will not officially hit the market for a couple more months, but the pre-release response has already been extremely positive,” he said. “Most people express they have wanted WallBuilders to provide just such a product for years and can’t wait for its official arrival.”

However, it has not come without criticism. Right Wing Watch, a website sponsored by the left-wing group People for the American Way, dismissed Barton as a “Religious Right pseudo-historian” with a “God-filled government curriculum.”

But Barton says such critics are typical products of the widespread ignorance about American history that plagues the country.

“Historical ignorance in America is rampant,” he said. “When I speak at universities across the nation and ask students to name the specific Founders they can identify and call by name, students can usually identify only three out of the more than 200 Founding Fathers. Current studies show that two-thirds of citizens cannot name the three branches of government (nor can half of elected officials), and only one-in-a-thousand can name the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

“To somewhat paraphrase President Reagan’s famous quip: Worse than what we don’t know is what we’ve been taught that just simply isn’t so. By presenting truth with original documentation in an entertaining and effective way, this course will help equip and educate the next generation to be active citizens armed with the knowledge of which public policies will and will not produce freedom and prosperity.”

Discover the truth behind the most mysterious Founding Father. Read the book which a fanatic media offensive pulled from publication – now available once again only from WND. “The Jefferson Lies” by David Barton. Don’t miss it!

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