Feds gone wild: U.S. pays $6,400 for 1 chair

By Bob Unruh


Maybe it’s because Americans were writing out checks to the federal government Tuesday, Tax Day, for hundreds, or thousands, of dollars that the subject came up.

But on this Tax Day, delayed briefly this year because of the weekend and a D.C. holiday, Twitter is filled with comments about how much – and how unwisely – the federal government spends money.

For example, the Washington Free Beacon tweeted: “EPA purchased chairs costing $6,391 each. Spent $92 million on furniture in past 10 years.”

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“How many of YOU would like to have spent more money on furniture over the past decade?” noted Twitchy, which headlined its attention-grabbing piece “Goat mating and fat lesbians? Tweets highlighting massive gov waste will enrage you on this #TaxDay.”

“You’ll never stop throwing up when you see how much of YOUR money the gov wastes,” wrote Sam J.

Some of the references were to legacy blunders by the government, such as putting American taxpayers on the hook for a $43 million gas station constructed in Afghanistan.

Another cited a report of $120 million in retirement and disability benefits paid to federal employees “who have died.”

“TO DEAD PEOPLE,” writes Twitchy. “Sure, many Americans struggle with the idea of paying federal employees a good deal of money in the first place, but to pay the dead ones?! C’mon D.C.”

There was the $236,517 for a cell-phone game to teach 11-year-old Kenyans how to use condoms.

And $325,525 for a National Institutes of Health study “that found wives would be happier if they could calm down faster during arguments with their husbands,” prompting the comment: “Sure, tell women to calm down during a fight, that always works. And hey, why not do a study on it.”

How about the $10,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant? It has 40 linemen and other crew members “in a choreographed 90-minute dance with bucket trucks, cranes and field trucks.”

Fox News reported study subjects include gay sex in Argentina bars, for $400,000, and the gambling habits of monkeys, for $171,000.

Another “baaaad idea” was the plan to spend $6 million on a goat-mating project.

“Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” writes Twitchy.

Then there was the report the Defense Department didn’t bother to seek refunds for unused airline flight tickets worth some $100 million.

And the Washington Times spotlighted a “study to determine why many lesbians are overweight,” which cost taxpayers $3 million.

“And they wonder why we hate the government,” said Twitchy.

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