Muslim women in the nijab.

Muslim women in the nijab.

The seemingly endless wave of Muslim “refugees” into Europe is causing chaos throughout the continent.

Some say it is an act of demographic conquest. Others argue it is a product of a failed American foreign policy. But one of America’s best known apologists says the crisis for the Christian West could be a new opportunity to win converts to the faith.

Joel Richardson, New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the new book “Mystery Babylon,” says missionaries should not overlook the unique opportunity they’ve been given with the current wave of Muslim immigrants.

“Throughout history, the Lord has always used catastrophes for His own redemptive purposes,” he told WND. “This is exactly what He is doing now with the current Syrian war and the global Muslim refugee crisis. Obviously mass Muslim immigration to the West has innumerable long-term problems. Any casual glimpse at Western Europe reveals this. European secularism, socialism and multiculturalism have failed to incorporate the Muslim immigrants.

“That said, despite the negative impact of Muslim immigration, the same Lord who hovered above the deep in the beginning is once again bringing redemptive order out of the present chaos.”

Richardson is also a filmmaker who chronicled signs of a Christian revival in the Middle East in “The Global Jesus Revolution,” including prayer movements in Islamic nations such as Egypt and Iran. He says the flight of Muslims to the West makes efforts by Christians to work with traditionally Islamic populations easier than ever. What’s more, the chaos unleashed in the aftermath of the Arab Spring is challenging many of the assumptions of Muslims, providing an opening for Christian missionaries.

“In the past, missionaries largely went to some particular nation to a specific ethno-lingusitic group,” Richardson explained. “Today, with the rise of both natural and man-made disasters, there is a massive and burgeoning field of mission simply called ‘crisis.’ This includes war zones in Iraq and Syria, as well as the refugee road stretching from Afghanistan to Turkey to Morocco and into Europe. We shouldn’t be surprised that the Lord is actively working among refugees today. Whenever people are in crisis, when they have come to the end of themselves, they are often ready to consider Christ. This is nearly always the pattern that the Lord uses to bring salvation.

“‘Fall on the rock and be broken,’ as the Scriptures say, ‘let it fall on you, and grind you to dust.’ The Lord is now inviting millions of Muslims in the midst of their pain, and the brokenness of their lives to find salvation in Jesus, the very embodiment of the One True God of all creation. If Christian churches and ministries will step up and begin ministering to the Muslims who are coming, these numbers will exponentially rise. Evangelism, combined with selfless love works. Period. Unfortunately, too many Christians are looking only at the negative implications of Muslim immigration, as real as that is, and are failing to see the profound opportunity right in front of us.”

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Fox News recently reported Muslims who converted to Christianity upon reaching Europe are providing new spiritual force to the continent’s struggling churches. While many wealthy indigenous Europeans seem to believe they no longer need faith, Muslims coming from war-torn regions are proving receptive to missionaries.

“More Muslims are coming to faith now than at any time in human history,” said Richardson. “This is well documented in every segment of the Muslim world. From Persia, to the Arab world, to Sub-Saharan Africa, to Asia, many Muslims are turning to Christ.”

A 2015 study in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion titled “Believers in Christ from a Muslim Background: A Global Census” stated there has been a “substantial increase in the number of known conversions from Islam to Christianity” since the 1960s, with most converting to some form of evangelical or Pentecostal Christianity.

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Authors Duane Alexander Miller and Patrick Johnstone claim about 10 million “believers of a Muslim background” have emerged, with an especially large number of converts coming from the world’s largest Islamic nation, Indonesia. However, as the authors note, calculating the number of “secret believers” is difficult in some countries, especially nations like Saudi Arabia.

There is even greater uncertainty about what the future holds for Middle Eastern Christians, both traditional communities and converts. As Pat Buchanan warned after chronicling recent atrocities against Middle Eastern believers, “Christianity is on its way to being exterminated in its cradle.”

Yet there is also the possibility the refugee crisis will unleash largescale spiritual change within the Muslim community itself. Miller and Johnstone’s information was, as they noted in their study, gathered before the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011.

“Has this war resulted in BMB’s [Believers in Christ from a Muslim Background] leaving as refugees or being killed?” they asked. “Or has disappointment with militant, reformist Islam led to more conversions, or – as is most likely – both? Every changing political and cultural situation mean that information like this needs to be continually gathered and reassessed.”

According to several anecdotal reports, many Muslims who have fled their homes are converting to Christianity, sometimes after seeing a vision of Jesus in a dream. German churches are holding mass baptisms and are sometimes so swamped by new converts they conduct the ceremonies in swimming pools.

However, just as it is hard to calculate the exact number of “secret believers” in nations such as Saudi Arabia, determining the sincerity of some of these converts is difficult, bordering on impossible. Some Muslim asylum seekers have admitted faking conversions to Christianity because they think it will increase their chances of gaining access to the West and receiving aid from Christian charities. On the other hand, some of these “converts” may have adopted Christianity as a ruse but then came to sincere faith later.

Ironically, those who practiced such a deceptive strategy may not have received the reward they were anticipating, as the United States under Barack Obama admitted very few Christians seeking persecution while welcoming Sunni Muslims, the very group doing the persecuting. There was a similar discrepancy in the United Kingdom’s refugee policy.

Whatever the case, Richardson believes the necessity of ministering to the vast Muslim population now within the West is a moral necessity. To do otherwise, he claims, is to implicitly admit prior efforts to preach the Gospel in the Middle East were insincere.

“For years, Christians have prayed for the Gospel to penetrate into the Muslim world,” he said. “Now the Lord is allowing them to come to us. God help us if we do not reach them now that they are our neighbors.”

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon.” Available now in the WND Superstore.

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