Liberals and cultural-Marxists love to pat themselves on the back as being at the forefront of social justice activism. They arrogantly view themselves as the summum bonum; in their eyes they are Solomonic; they and they only know what is best for women, blacks and children. And if you have any doubt, just ask them.

The problem with the liberal view of self is that it’s tantamount to one looking into a trick mirror. Nothing you see is real.

Liberals are for freedom of speech as long as it is speech that supports what they want to hear. If you are former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, David Horowitz, or Heather Mac Donald, liberal professors and students stage violent protests to prevent their speaking on campus. Liberal professors and students did their best to have Vanderbilt University professor Dr. Carol M. Swain fired for daring to share her personal conservative views on her personal Facebook page. Their reason was that her thoughts were not consistent with what the thought police at Vanderbilt stood for.

Liberals love to talk about women not being paid the same as men. It is at the top of their talking-points lists come every election. But that’s all it is, a talking point, because the reality of that specific claim is quite different.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., when not claiming she is “some” part Native American, is blathering on about equal pay for women. Fox News, The Blaze, the Free Beacon, Breitbart, and the New York Post, among many others, reported that Liz “Minnie Feather” was noticeably silent on Equal Pay Day, April 4. As the New York Post put it: “The likely cause of her silence was news that she’s a hypocrite.” The paper noted that Warren “didn’t even issue a tweet to mark Equal Pay Day.”

It is an easy search to find countless instances of Warren railing about “equal pay for equal work.” She was quoted as saying: “In the year 2016, at a time with self-driving cars and computers that sit on your wrist, women still make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.” (See: “Why Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Stand Up For Equal Pay,” New York Post, April 6, 2017.)

Warren was silent because it was revealed that women on her staff earned just 71 percent of what their male counterparts earned.

The bastion of liberal journalism, the Huffington Post, raced to Warren’s defense. In an attempt to set the record straight, Huffington Post wrote that the median salary for women on her staff since she was elected in 2012 was $44,108 and for men it was $43,348. That would be true, if it were the case. But the Huffington Post outed themselves as numbers manipulators; and the 71 percent figure other media quoted was in fact accurate.

Huffington Post stated that the analyses of all of the other news outlets that reported Warren hypocrisy “only included people who had been employed by Warren’s office the entire year, which excluded, among others, Warren’s highest paid staffer” a woman making $170,000. Apparently, if the top two or three women make more than men, the fact that other staff women earn less than men should be ignored.

Let me point out that the news outlets that reported Warren’s hypocrisy were outlets of the highest regard. I should also point out that there were no retractions issued.

Hollywood liberals are still apoplectic, trying to smear President Trump with fallacious accusations of sexual assault. But these same people champion Roman Polanski, who drugged, brutally raped and sodomized a 13-year old little girl. After destroying the little girl’s childhood, Polanski used his wealth and connections to flee the country. To compound matters, now, after nearly 44 years, Polanski magnanimously says he will return to America if his crimes are forgiven, because of some alleged agreement his attorneys had worked out with the judge immediately after the rape.

Liberal women’s rights groups support Bill Clinton, the most prolific example of spousal abuse in modern politics.

Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world in luxurious private jets and is shuttled from venue to venue in limousines, but lectures you and me on the environment and the myth of climate change.

DiCaprio knows exactly how you and I should live, but he excludes his palatial mansions in Palms Springs, New York and Malibu.

Liberals talk about the need for qualified teachers, which is code speak for more Marxists in the classrooms. They purpose to accomplish this even as the major educational centers are doing away with teacher literacy tests because they are deemed racist. (See: “N.Y. Dropping Teacher Literacy Test Amid Claims of Racism,”, March 13, 2017.)

If you are a thinking person with a modicum of sanity, why, or perhaps better asked, how could you support, believe, and/or follow liberals?

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