According to many Democrats, President Donald Trump is at fault for the problems concerning the Middle East, North Korea, China, Russia, the economy, illegal immigration, the tax code, Obamacare and more.

Now, he’s being blamed even for the rioting enveloping Venezuela in response to the economic devastation brought by its socialist regime.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who famously melted down over Trump’s election victory last November, was reporting this week about a donation from Venezuela’s state-run oil company to the Trump inauguration.

As she was reporting the claims, video behind her showed protesters scattering from tear gas bombs above a chiron that read “Unrest in Venezuela over Trump donations.”

The video: (the comments about the donation, and the overlay blaming a Trump donation for the violence, starts about 5:20 into the video)

But the unrest has been going on since long before Trump was elected, and the oil-rich country’s economic collapse has coincided with a socialist “revolution” launched by Hugo Chavez and continued by Nicolas Maduro.

See just how well socialism actually works, in William J. Murray’s “Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning.”

Prior to Trump’s election in November, a study found 15 percent of Venezuelans said they could feed themselves only with “food waste discarded by commercial establishments.”

What’s more, the study found three-fourths of all Venezuelans were unable to eat an optimal diet of breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Just over half (54 percent) said they had gone to bed hungry, while 52 percent said they buy their food through the black market. Almost half (48 percent) said they had been forced to take time off work to search for food.

The severe food shortage can be pinned squarely on Venezuela’s socialist economy, according to William J. Murray, author of “Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning.”

“The difficulty in Venezuela is the key element of central planning, and that’s price fixing,” Murray told WND. “Price fixing causes shortages, regardless of what price is fixed. In Venezuela, it’s food. In the United States, we have a shortage of certain medical care because the government sets prices on it.”

Murray, chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition, noted that when prices are allowed to rise in accordance with market forces, as in a free enterprise system, demand is reduced to a manageable level. Also, when the cost of production increases in a free market system, producers raise their prices, which allows them to produce enough to meet demand.

But in a centrally planned economy like Venezuela’s, the government does not allow producers to raise prices on their goods to keep up with increases in the cost of production. Therefore, producers cannot afford to produce as much and shortages result.

Maduro implemented a rationing system in April 2014 prohibiting Venezuelans from buying more than their ration books allow. In fact, Maduro has ordered police and the military to crack down on anyone trying to buy more than their allotted ration, hoarding food or waiting outside a supermarket when the store is not open.

The president also created Socialist Party committees known as Local Committees for Supply and Production to determine who in each neighborhood receives food.

Murray said socialist rationing is simply a necessary outgrowth of price fixing. But he pointed out everything is rationed in America, too – it’s just rationed by the free market instead of the government.

“If the price is allowed to rise, as it is in a free marketplace, that is the rationing; the increasing price is the rationing,” Murray said. “We ration here; everything sold in the United States is rationed, but it’s rationed by price. We make it unaffordable through scarcity, and that causes more to be produced. In Venezuela, they don’t have that opportunity. The price can’t be raised, and as a result, greater amounts cannot be produced.”

The suggestion by Maddow, who did not respond to a WND email requesting comment, brought jeers from WMAL Radio, which said she not only was wrong, but “entirely wrong.”

The station reported on the huge protests in the nation, and cited the Atlantic, which said: “On Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities to step up their continuing demonstrations against the government of resident Nicolas Maduro. The march, called the ‘mother of all marches’ by organizers, was met by riot police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets, while some demonstrators threw stones and firebombs. At least two students and a member of the National Guard were killed.”

“Note the lack of Donald Trump in that piece,” WMAL reported. “Because the march has NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUMP!”

Maddow placement of video, commentary and reporting, WMAL said, insinuated the protest was about Trump.

“Now if you’re watching Maddow you probably don’t know a lot about the world, and would be forced to assume the people of Venezuela are choking the streets and clashing with police all because of TRUMP!”

Maddow’s breakdown on the election is here:

An Associated Press report on Friday said as least 12 people died overnight in the looting and other violence in Venezuela.

That report said the problem was a “spiraling political crisis” in which “tens of thousands of Venezuelans flood into the streets to demand elections and denounced what they consider a dictatorial government.”

See just how well socialism actually works, in William J. Murray’s “Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning.”

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