Responding to a demand by the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Pentagon will formally review the content of a counter-terrorism training program taught to special forces by a private contractor.

As WND reported earlier this month, Patrick Dunleavy, a former deputy inspector general for the New York State Department of Corrections, is an instructor for a course in the United States Air Force Special Operations School called “The Dynamics of International Terrorism.”

CAIR, which has been accused by the Justice Department of supporting terrorism and is currently banned from outreach activities by the FBI, charged Dunleavy is “Islamophobic” and holds “personal prejudice against Islam and Muslims.”

Now, reports Paul Sperry in FrontPage magazine, Dunleavy says he fears his course might not get a fair hearing, because the Pentagon has assigned the review to a Muslim military chaplain who graduated from a radical Saudi-funded Islamic school raided by federal agents after 9/11 on suspicion of terrorist activities.

Dunleavy told Sperry the Pentagon’s original choice for the job was an even more radical military with ties to an imam with a history of ministering to Muslims later convicted of terrorism.

CAIR has been at the forefront of an effort under the Obama administration to “purge” the military and federal government of “anti-Muslim” subject-matter experts and materials.

Patrick Dunleavy

Patrick Dunleavy

Dunleavy, the author of the book “The Fertile Soil of Jihad: Terrorism’s Prison Connection,” has testified as an expert witness before the House Committee on Homeland Security concerning the threat of Islamic radicalization in the U.S. prison system. He has served as a consultant for the FBI and the International Association of Chiefs of Police on the National Data Exchange Program. He also has been a featured speaker at the Army’s Counter Terrorism Conference.

But CAIR, regarded by the FBI as a Hamas front in the U.S., was designated by the Justice Department as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-funding plot and by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization.

According to evidence entered in the terror-financing case, CAIR was founded by figures associated with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, the worldwide movement that has stated its intent to transform the U.S. into an Islamic state. More than a dozen CAIR leaders have been charged or convicted of terrorism-related crimes.

CAIR has sued the authors of a WND Books exposé, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” which documented the group’s radical ties. A trial in the case is expected to commence this fall.

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Air Force officials already have reviewed all of Dunleavy’s presentations and told him they found nothing offensive.

Earlier this month, Dunleavy told WND in an email he has never had complaints from students.

“I was somewhat perplexed by the CAIR accusation,” he said. “Having taught a class on ‘Prison Radicalization’ in the USAF Special Operations School’s Dynamics in International Terrorism for over five years to a group of students which included members of every branch of the U.S. military, FBI special agents, and other federal law enforcement agencies, there has never been any negative reviews of my class presentation, nor were any offensive statements or material found in my lesson plan after review by the USAF at Hurlburt Field.

“Unfortunately, ‘labeling’ is now a convenient close-minded way to besmirch someone without ever actually hearing them speak,” Dunleavy said.

In a March 17 letter to Lt. Gen. Marshall Webb, CAIR noted that, in 2012, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey ordered the U.S. military to “scour its training material to ensure it doesn’t contain anti-Islamic content.”

“Mr. Dunleavy’s public statements and professional affiliations indicate that he is part of the issue Dempsey was trying to resolve,” CAIR said.

Radical education

Sperry reported that after Webb received the CAIR letter he ordered Special Operations School commandant Lt. Col. Christopher Portele to initiate a review. Dunleavy believes the top brass are largely unaware of the extent of CAIR’s terrorism ties.

“I’m sure they don’t have a complete knowledge of CAIR or other Muslim Brotherhood groups,” he told Sperry.

Air Force chaplain Walid Habash has been assigned to begin reviewing slides from Dunleavy’s lesson material later this week.

Habash, however, Sperry reported, received his Islamic education from a Muslim Brotherhood school in Virginia, the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, which was raided by federal agents in 2002 as part of a post-9/11 terrorism investigation.

The longtime director of the school, Taha Jabir Alalwani, is an unindicted co-conspirator in two federal prosecutions related to terrorist financing.

The Air Force’s original choice to conduct the review was Muslim military chaplain Rafael Lantigua. But Air Force brass learned Lantigua sits on the board of directors of an Islamist group with a radical cleric who ran a New York mosque where the terrorists who plotted to bomb synagogues in the Bronx were radicalized. Lantigua also recently spoke at a New York Islamic conference where cop-killer Jamil Al-Amin and Luqman Abdullah, a Detroit imam killed in a shootout with the FBI, were honored.

“The military has an ongoing problem vetting their Muslim clergy,” Dunleavy told Sperry. “Nobody wants to touch this political powder keg.”

Dunleavy said the ongoing effort by CAIR and other groups “to remove any material from law enforcement or military training that outlines the process of Islamic radicalization is fraught with danger.”

He pointed, for example, to the case of the Paris terrorist Karim Cheurfi, an ISIS-tied Muslim who last week fatally shot a police officer while wounding two others with an AK-47.

Dunleavy said Cheurfi had all the indicators outlined by the material the Pentagon is now reviewing because of CAIR, including prison radicalization, exposure to radical Islamic preachers and attraction to jihadi violence.

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