Longtime martial-arts champion, television and movie star and WND columnist Chuck Norris has a tough-guy reputation among tough guys.

Muscle man Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Belgian-born actor, was filmed doing the spits between two moving trucks, in a commercial for the vehicles.

So Norris, whose list of movies continues to expand with his most recent appearance, in “Expendables 2,” took the stunt to a whole new level, “doing” the splits between the wings of two jets for a Christmas promotion.

See the video:

One of the Chuck Norris “facts” notes that when he does a pushup, he doesn’t push himself up; he pushes the Earth down. And he was supposed to be put on Mt. Rushmore, but its granite wasn’t tough enough for his beard.

You get the idea.

So what could possibly “force” him into anything?

The move to introduce his legend to a new generation, those who live on their iPhones and iPads.

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

It came with the introduction of the “Nonstop Chuck Norris” mobile game, which features exclusive Chuck Norris facts, a chance to “Help Chuck Save the Multiverse,” “Power-Up the Chuck” and “How Far Can you Get?”

“I consider it an extreme honor that my legacy has continued and reached a whole new generation of young people … and it’s forced me into their tech world,” he told WND by email.

After all, an early movie on which he worked, “The Wrecking Crew,” was done in 1969, which is just about when 8-track tape players were in their ascendance.

He’s subsequently built legions of fans among the cassette-tape generation, the CD generation, and then the iPod generation. Or VHS, DVD and Netflix, for video.

The new game is available online for download in IOS and Android formats, and can be obtained through Google Play and the App Store.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to his foundation,, which works to install values and a sense of responsibility in kids.

In a promotion for the project, he once again capitalizes on his tough-guy image:

He explains, for the game project, he had to “step in to get some things done.”

It then shows techies wondering, “He wants selfie sticks as weapons?”

When the technician approaches Norris with, “Mr. Norris, I don’t think…” one look turns the comment into, “Right away, sir.”

In an announcement about the game, he noted it’s been years since he first was in films, and now for the first time (he’s 77) he’s the star of his own mobile game.

He discussed the project with Klaas Kersting, of flaregames, the company behind the work.

Kersting explained the game fits Norris – “as the action literally never stops, even when the player turns off their iPhone.”

Built in are references and components from his career with “Walker Texas Ranger,” “Missing in Action” and “Way of the Dragon.”

“Many younger people in particular still love to read about your superhuman feats so including these facts was always at the forefront of our minds,” Kersting explained. “As players progress in the game, they’ll collect fun facts about you. And because we want fans to feel involved, we even invited fans — before launch — to submit their own facts to be considered for inclusion in the game. After all, making a great videogame is all about listening to and interacting with your players.”

WND reported only weeks ago the state of Texas had granted him a special honor.

The state Senate passed a resolution commending him for his life’s work and extending “best wishes” as an “expression of esteem.”

The resolution commends Norris “on his many achievements and extend to him best wishes for continued success in all his endeavors; and, be it further resolved, that a copy of this Resolution be prepared for him as an expression of esteem from the Texas Senate.”

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

The local ABC affiliate immediately chimed in with a list of Chuck Norris “facts,” the beyond-belief statements that have taken the Web by a storm.

They include:

  • Chuck Norris has a diary. It’s called the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t cheat death. He wins fair and square.
  • Chuck Norris once went to Mars. That’s why there are no signs of life.
  • Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

Actually, Norris has played down the idea that he’s a superhero.

“I’ve got a bulletin for you, folks. I am no superman,” he said at one point. “I realize that now, but I didn’t always. As six-time world karate champion and then a movie star, I put too much trust in who I was, what I could do and what I acquired. I forgot how much I needed others and especially God. Whether we are famous or not, we all need God. We also need other people.”

Norris has been writing a weekly column exclusively for WND since Oct. 23, 2006.

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”


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