Rioting in Stockholm's suburbs (Twitter)

Rioting in Stockholm’s suburbs (Twitter)

The truck attack in Stockholm by an Uzbek terrorist, which killed four people and injured about 15 more, is providing another reminder of the shifting demographics of Sweden.

What was once a largely peaceful country of Nordic citizens has morphed into a multi-ethnic entity in which nearly a quarter of inhabitants were either born abroad or born in Sweden to two parents who were born abroad.

Rakhmat Akilov, the man suspected of plowing a stolen beer truck into pedestrians near a busy Stockholm department store, was born in Uzbekistan and had sought asylum in Sweden, but his application was rejected. In December, he was given four weeks to leave the country, but he went underground, and Swedish police were unable to locate him until Friday’s attack.

While Akilov was in Sweden illegally, plenty of other foreigners have made their way into Sweden legally over the past 15 years, leading to rapid population growth. In January, the country’s population reached 10 million for the first time. As recently as 2010, analysts had predicted Sweden would reach 10 million people in 2021, but the population increased faster than expected during the intervening six years. Between 2010 and 2015, the population grew by about 4 percent a year, far greater than the European Union’s average of 1 percent.

Tomas Johansson, a population analyst at Statistics Sweden, explained to the Local that immigration was at a historic high in 2010 and has increased since then. Data from his organization shows the number of people immigrating to Sweden per year increased from 64,087 in 2002 to 163,005 in 2016 – a whopping 154 percent increase.

According to data from Statistics Sweden, the nation’s population increased each year from 2002 to 2016, rising from 8.9 million to nearly 10 million, an increase of 11.8 percent. The country’s foreign-born population grew much faster during that span, from 1.1 million in 2002 to 1.8 million in 2016, an increase of 69.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the number of people born in Sweden to two foreign-born parents spiked from 304,751 in 2002 to 535,805 in 2016, a 75.8 percent increase. At the same time, the number of people born in Sweden to one Swedish-born parent and one foreign-born parent rose from 553,772 to 739,813, up 33.6 percent.

While all those population groups have been growing over the last 15 years, the one group that is shrinking is native-born Swedes with two parents born in Sweden. There were just more than 7 million of them in 2002, but only 6.9 million in 2016, a decrease of 1.3 percent.


While native Swedes with two Swedish-born parents were 79 percent of the population in 2002, last year they were 69 percent. Meanwhile, those with a foreign background (either born abroad or born in Sweden to two foreign-born parents) increased their share of the population from 15 percent in 2002 to 23 percent in 2016.

If these demographic trends continue, native Swedes with two Swedish parents could become a minority in Sweden. Fjordman, a Norwegian historian and expert on Europe, Islam and multiculturalism, believes it could happen within a few decades, while economist Tino Sanandaji has suggested it could happen within the coming generation.

Leo Hohmann, a WND news editor who authored the book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,” believes Sweden will eventually cease to exist as the world knows it, but he says he doesn’t know when it’ll happen.

“They are on a mission of national suicide, and whether the death of Sweden comes in 10 years or 50 years is not for me to predict,” Hohmann said. “But it is inevitable if it’s not turned around soon. Do I think it will be turned around before it’s too late? No. This is because at least half the country continues to live in denial and accept the lies of the left that, to be a good socialist, one must welcome migrants from all over the Third World and place the culture of those migrants above the native culture.”

In fact, Hohmann said the fallacy of multiculturalism is that all foreign cultures are superior to the native culture and must be treated as such.

“They must be not only imported but then outfitted with all manner of special rights and privileges not available to the rest of us. They are automatically signed up for a smorgasbord of welfare benefits, granted a fortified list of civil rights and civil liberties, and then protected from the inevitable backlash and divisions that come with this unfair advantage,” he said.

“Anyone who publicly criticizes the migrants or their special status is automatically branded a xenophobe or a racist. How do you defeat this type of leftist machine? After it metastasizes, the only way to defeat it is by civil war, and I don’t see that happening in Sweden. The people have been disarmed.”

America is headed down a suicidal path – but it’s a subtle invasion, and not many Americans understand the full extent of the problem. Get all the details in Leo Hohmann’s brand new book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,” available now in hard copy or e-book at the WND Superstore.

Akilov, the Uzbek terrorist in Stockholm, chose a method of attack – running over pedestrians with a motor vehicle – that other Islamic extremists have brought into vogue lately in high-profile attacks in London and Nice, France. But Muslim migrants have brought far more than terrorism to Sweden. Earlier this month, the Sweden Democrat party released a report showing the immigrant “rape epidemic” that has engulfed the country.

Drawing on 32 different research papers published from 1990 to 2016, the Sweden Democrats found people with a foreign background commit rape more often than Swedes. Several of the 32 papers also mentioned rape as a form of crime particularly characteristic of people of foreign origin.

The Sweden Democrats reported half of all those who were suspected of rape in Stockholm in 1982 were foreign nationals. By 2008 and 2009, more than two-thirds of suspected rapists in the entire country were foreign nationals, and their typical victim was “a young woman of Swedish nationality.”

The SD report identified Arabs, Africans and Afghans as some of the more problematic immigrant groups. It cited one 1996 study that showed Arabs from North Africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedes.

The anecdotes coming out of Sweden have been horrifying. Last October, as many as six men gang-raped a wheelchair-bound woman at a migrant center in the town of Visby. The men were all asylum seekers in their 20s.

In March 2016, four men in Malmo kidnapped a 23-year-old woman at gunpoint and drove her to a bar in Helsingborg, where three other men were waiting to rape her. They pulled her by her hair to the basement, pinned her arms and legs down, ripped off her clothes and took turns raping her. Only two of the men were convicted – one was from Kuwait, the other from Syria.

Only three months ago, on Jan. 21, three men broke into a woman’s house in Uppsala armed with guns. They tore off her clothes and gang-raped her for three hours, livestreaming the whole attack on Facebook. A Swedish publication referred to the attackers as “new Swedes,” an establishment press term for Muslim migrants.

In 2016, at least nine Afghan refugees at a refugee camp in Smaland Mariannelund gang-raped a Swedish mother of two. Sperm from at least four people was later removed from the woman’s rectum and digestive system. Because her airways were clogged during the rape, she almost died.

This is to say nothing of the mass sexual assaults and rapes migrants have committed at Swedish festivals. In July 2016 alone, there were outbreaks at two festivals: At Bravalla, Sweden’s largest music festival, there were nearly 40 assaults, including five rapes. At Party in the Park, a free festival in Karlstad, there were 32 sexual assaults, with the youngest victim being only 12 years old.

According to Dawn Perlmutter, a leading subject matter expert in symbols, symbolic methodologies, unfamiliar customs and ritualistic crimes, the migrant rape epidemic is a direct consequence of Muslim culture.

“Muslim immigrant rapists believe that all non-Muslim and uncovered women can be lawfully taken for sexual use; hence rape and sexual assaults are justified,” Perlmutter wrote for FrontPage Magazine. “Appearance, particularly for women, is an important aspect of Shariah Islamic law. Modesty is how women achieve honor and to appear in anything revealing brings shame not only for her but for the entire family. Almost all Muslim governments encourage and even legally obligate women to dress modestly: at a minimum to wear a headscarf, in some countries a veil and in others a full body covering.

“Uncovered women are viewed as prostitutes and adulterers, and the prevailing attitude is that if an uncovered woman is raped she asked for it.”

Hohmann said the Islamization of Sweden has been accomplished through the same sort of “stealth invasion” he wrote about in his new book.

“The hardcore left aligned itself with Islam to help foment the stealth invasion, by using open-borders immigration policies and the granting of special rights to the ‘New Swedes’ much the same as the left here in the U.S. has done with its coddling of the ‘New Americans’ who come here as illegals and as refugees,” Hohmann explained. “They are accommodated at every turn, whether it be special lunchrooms at University of Kansas where female Muslims can eat without their burqas on, or ritual foot baths and special prayer rooms in our high schools, airports and hospitals.

“But at some point, and we may be getting close to it now in Sweden, the stealth invasion converts to an open, overt war in which Islamic clerics instruct their faithful to launch violent jihad against the host nation. Several European nations seem to be at the precipice of this more advanced level of jihad. At that point, short of a civil war in which the Islamic rebellion is violently put down and cast out, it’s game over.”

America is headed down a suicidal path – but it’s a subtle invasion, and not many Americans understand the full extent of the problem. Get all the details in Leo Hohmann’s brand new book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,” available now in hard copy or e-book at the WND Superstore.

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