Any common-sense American would know that you can’t write a law to put one person out of business. That would be unconstitutional.

But that is exactly what the Democratic supermajority did to my husband. They wrote a bill to put him out of business.

This is political retaliation.

My husband and I moved here almost five years ago, with a plan to take this beautiful state back from the hands of those bilking it into destruction.

The Democrats, in their unfettered power, are destroying California. Most of the land that could be developed is owned by the state or the feds. If you fly over the coast of California, you learn that there are countless islands just off the coast that can never be developed. Under the waves, valuable crude oil that sits untapped, nevertheless seeps to the surface and onto beaches, by force of nature.

California’s highest-in-the-nation housing costs and highest-in-the-nation energy costs are of no concern to the progressives who dream of a total housing ban. They are utterly unconcerned that California’s productive population is leaving, a primary cause of California’s pecuniary dire straits.

Approximately 40,000 farm workers are unemployed, and millions of acres of the most productive land in the country lie fallow as the infrastructure built to irrigate them is bypassed to save the Bay Area population of a ubiquitous, small bait fish. Drought-stricken California suffered as billions of gallons of fresh water flowed daily into the ocean and the people who fear “sea-level rise” do everything they can to limit the spreading of water over the land.

The absurdity of California law has become fodder for many a joke. But it isn’t funny to residents like my husband and me, who love this God-blessed, most beautiful of states. We aren’t willing to give up on her, but the clinically insane cabal running Sacramento from ivory towers in San Francisco won’t go down without a fight.

California’s leftist politicians work aggressively to give monopolistic control of all construction work to unions, which in turn convert taxpayer funds to their political machines – furthering their power and control.

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My husband works on behalf of taxpayers and non-union workers by ensuring that taxpayer-funded public projects are done lawfully and awarded to the lowest, best-bidding contracting firm without regard to union or non-union status.

A former state senator, my husband has a long record of fighting for the rights of open shop (non-union) workers and contractors to have a chance to bid and save taxpayers’ money. But since non-union workers winning contracts defunds progressive political machines, they took special offense to my husband’s work.

In their tribalism, the non-union worker (85 percent of the construction workforce) is the enemy, subject to full open-season in Sacramento, where politicians pass one law after another to eliminate their ability to work. The cause of the non-union worker is the civil rights issue of our day.

When the California Legislature passed the bill to eliminate my husband’s job, I admit that I didn’t think it could get away with it. My husband sued. The federal judge rejected his claim while acknowledging “a political nature.” That landed us in the 9th Circus … uh, Circuit.

The First Amendment defenders at the Pacific Legal Foundation took the case. The PLF has a nine-for-nine winning streak at the U.S. Supreme Court, showing it does not take cases it intends to lose. California might have gotten in over its head this time. The Ninth Circuit is the most overturned in the country, and this may be headed to the Supreme Court and the Gorsuch majority.

Last week, my husband had to lay off his entire staff and contracted partners. This was a sad day. While California claims to care about people, it obviously wasn’t concerned about the jobs of people in my husband’s organization, many whom are Hispanic and other minorities.

It got very real that day.

Meanwhile, we are doing what we can to win the fight for this beautiful piece of America.

Many say we should let California secede from the union. It won’t happen. But as Jerry Brown continues to bankrupt the state, and then beg for disaster relief from President Trump, he will keep raising taxes. There are limits to what Californians will pay, and the middle-class exodus will continue to grow.

If you would like to join the fight to save California, please support the Pacific Legal Foundation, and join the “Blue State Relief” Facebook group to support efforts to bring federal relief to blue state oppression.

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