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Blacks' selective moral outrage

May 1, 2017, another chapter was added to the book of “White People Are Racist” – which, according to the perspective of many blacks, makes the book “Artamène ou le Grand Cyrus” by Madeleine de Scudéry, which is 13,095 pages spanning 10 volumes, pale in comparison.

Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was called racial epithets in the so-called friendly confines of Boston’s Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Look, I’m not making excuses, and I’m not saying Jones or any other person shouldn’t be offended by the behavior of the fans. But that’s just it – they are fans.

Put roughly 38,000 rabid sports fans in a stadium, supply them with all the booze they can drink and remain ambulatory, and things are bound to happen. Fans are rabidly prejudiced against other teams. If you want to see just how much, go to a New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox game, whether in the Bronx or Boston. I remind you that Philadelphia Eagles football fans threw beer and snowballs at Santa Claus. Go to an Oakland Athletics baseball game and you might want to wear a flack jacket, at least if you’re black – because if you are black and wear the wrong color shirt, hat, or scarf, you can end up dead, having violated a gang’s color code.

And let’s not forget fans that sit behind the visitors’ bench at professional basketball games specifically to unleash vitriolic name-calling and to antagonize the opposing players.

My point is that a few drunks and/or a few predictably splenetic fans who believe the price they paid for their ticket entitles them to vent their hostilities toward players on opposing teams doesn’t make the use of an occasional racial epithet an endemic.

For years I was a Philadelphia Flyers hockey team season-ticket holder. The names and vulgar barbs the Flyers’ fans hurled at opposing players were nearly beyond belief. Sports fans are passionate in their hatred of other teams. Trust me: I am a lifelong New York Yankees fan, and if the Boston Red Sox fell off the planet I would cheer.

As I said, I’m not making excuses for unseemly behavior. However, I am sick of selective moral outrage by blacks. Where’s the moral outrage and the pathetic show of emotional injury by the very same blacks and their politically correct white sycophants bemoaning what happened to Adam Jones with respect to what black people did to Rachael Malonson?

Blacks called Rachael Malonson hateful racial epithets, when the resplendently beautiful University of Texas student was crowned “Miss Black University of Texas” April 30. Blacks verbally assaulted her and her family, saying the beautiful young woman was “not black enough.”

What makes black selective moral outrage even more reprehensible is that Rachael Malonson was publicly scorned and attacked on social media at the exact same time blacks were playing victims over the Red Sox incident.

Where was the moral outrage when Gabby Douglas, who won gold medals in gymnastics at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, was ruthlessly mocked by blacks making fun of her hair?

I’m sick of seeing people like LeBron James and countless other blacks slobbering and blubbering about racist white people and what black people must suffer. It’s difficult to decide if people engaged in selective moral outrage should be pitied or scorned. One fan or even a handful of fans calling an opposing player a racial epithet doesn’t make America or white Americans racist or bigots.

Where was this pathetic cast of skin-color baiting troubadours when basketball legend Michael Jordan was eviscerated for marrying his wife who is Cuban? If you want to read raw racism and unparalleled hatred toward a black athlete, read the approximately 300 venomous comments by black men and women about Jordan and his wife.

Where is the moral outrage of LeBron James, et al., regarding the fact that the most hostile and dangerous place in the world for a black child is in his mother’s womb? Where is their outrage that real racists have murdered over 20 million unborn black children? Where is their outrage that approximately 36 percent of all abortions are performed on black women and that the most prolific murderer of black children is Planned Parenthood, the progeny of Margaret Sanger who openly advocated black babies should be killed and that black women should be sterilized? As does Hillary Clinton, whom LeBron James and many other black athletes supported for president.

Where is the outrage of these blubbering black ball players with regards to the murder rate of blacks by blacks in St. Louis, Louisiana, Michigan, Baltimore and Chicago?

A few half-drunk rabid fans shouting insults that are admittedly over-the-top doesn’t diminish the duplicitous double standards of blacks nor their acrimony directed at those they deem as not representative of acceptable “blackness.”

I suggest we make June 1 “National Black Victim’s Day” and have a celebratory gathering place in some deserted remote area where we could build a wall and keep them there permanently. Then the rest of Americans who actually do want to get along could live in peace.

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