One of the most prominent Christian apologists, author Joel Richardson who wrote the bestselling “The Islamic Antichrist” and the new “Mystery Babylon,” believes that Mecca, the holy city of Islam, is something special.

But not a “good” special.”

He has written in “Mystery Babylon” that Mecca is the city prophesied in Revelation as the city of evil that will lead the persecution of the faithful during the end times.

He’s concluded the city is nothing less than a kind of locus for evil activity – perhaps even a “spiritual portal” to the underworld.

Richardson recently shared some disturbing ideas and implications of Muslim practices in an interview on Hagmann & Hagmann.

He noted Muslims believe Mecca doesn’t just have temporal, but metaphysical importance.

“So this is according to their, I’m not sure what I’ll call it, their ‘spiritual topography’ if you will,” Richardson explained. “Muslims are taught, they believe, Mecca is the closest point on the earth [to heaven.] They actually stated this in a literal sense back in the 7th century. Of course, they were wrong; the Himalayan mountains are obviously the ‘closest’ in the sense of the highest mountains in the earth. But they actually taught Mecca was the highest point in the earth, that it was the closest point to heaven.”

Richardson explains Muslims believe Mecca, the holy city in their religion, is perceived as being the “gate to heaven.”

“They actually believe that the throne of Allah is immediately above the Kaaba,” Richardson said. “So as Muslims are circumambulating around the Kaaba, they teach that in heaven, the angels and the jinn, are circumambulating the throne of Allah, which is immediately above the Kaaba. So in this sort of mystical, typography if that’s the right term, or geography, of Islam, they believe Mecca is sort of the gateway to heaven.

“Now of course, I can’t comment on the physics or the spiritual mechanics of that, but I do believe that where enough false worship has been carried out over the years, arguably, the greatest amount of idolatry in human history, that there is some sort of spiritual physics taking place there. I don’t like to necessarily use the word ‘portal’ because I think it can stir up some sort of strange ideas, but I think in the spirit, we’re dealing with a spiritual portal. Not to heaven! But to the underworld, to hell, to the stronghold of Satan, as I’ve said.”

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Relations with Saudi Arabia are about to become a huge issue in the national debate, as President Trump is poised to give a major address about the dangers of extremism when he makes his first official visit to the kingdom this week.

Richardson believes America is at a spiritual crossroads, both because of America’s own fall from Christian morality and because of the country’s continuing close relationship with Saudi Arabia. Richardson has slammed Mecca as “the greatest city of idolatry in human history.”

But as he observes, paganism is also growing in America, even to the point of publicly displaying temple arches used to honor the pagan god Baal.

“I believe the Lord has given this nation some very strong warnings,” Richardson said. “And we have not responded well. We have not repented. We have continued to go our own way. And I believe this unveiling of the arches of Baal is sort of the next stop of God’s warning. There’s a biblical pattern that’s been established with the knocking down of the Twin Towers.”

Richardson said just as ancient Israel was warned before judgment, so America is being warned. And radical Muslims may be used as a kind of chastisement against America just as the Assyrians were used against the Israelites.

“In ancient Israel, as the Lord was preparing Israel for the judgement, as He was trying to get them to repent before he had to judge them or chastise them as a loving father does to his children, he brought the Assyrians against Israel,” Richardson explained. “That was a warning. Well, they didn’t repent and ultimately they continued their idolatry, including their worship of Baal. Eventually, he brought the Assyrians against them. The northern kingdom of Israel was exiled, virtually disappeared. Eventually, the same judgment came on the southern kingdom of Judah, except it was the Babylonians.

“The Lord has always used pagans as his rod of chastisement against His own children. After He chastises his own children, he then breaks that rod over his knee. Today, we have a very similar parallel. The Lord brought the Assyrians, the spiritual Assyrians (as the most literal descendants of Assyrians today are actually Christians), but he brought the spiritual Assyrians in the form of al-Qaida, ISIS, these radical Saudi, Wahhabi-influenced jihadists to knock down the Twin Towers. The nation still hasn’t repented. He’s brought ISIS. Now we’re having terrorist attacks spread throughout the nation.”

Richardson called for a radical movement of repentance to avert God’s judgment and return America to God’s favor.

“I believe that with every day we don’t repent we continue to open the door to the Lord’s judgement,” he warned. “And if we don’t repent, I believe the day is coming, call it the day of rage, when there will not be 3,000, there may not be 30,000, there could be 300,000 people killed in this nation or more. And I believe the Lord is trumpeting to His people, His church, as well as the nation at large to turn back to him, to cry out to their Creator to have mercy on this nation.”

Part of this turn back to God, said Richardson, means confronting Saudi Arabia. While the powerful Saudi lobby has bought many American politicians, there is hope Donald Trump is different. But Richardson believes the new president’s greatest test is about to take place.

“Here we are today, we find ourselves with a new type of president,” said Richardson, speaking of Trump. “But the question remains how he will relate to this abomination. We, the United States, are in bed with the single greatest source of the greatest false religion that mankind has ever produced, that is slaughtering Christians throughout the earth. You look at what is happening in Nigeria. You look at what is happening in Syria and Iraq and that falls right at the feet of the Saudis. We treat them like our great ally in the war against terror. It’s so fundamentally illogical, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, and yet we continue on with business as usual!

“And listen, I believe the Lord is doing a potentially miraculous thing with President Trump. There’s a lot of things that have happened which, in my cynicism, I believed we would never see, and yet we’re seeing it. And so I am praying and crying out this current administration will wake up and realize we’re in bed with the devil.”

Richardson called for conservatives and Christians to take up the challenge of confronting Saudi Arabia. Not just because it is good policy – but because it is necessary to confront evil.

“We need a sea change in how we relate to this perverse, corrupt kingdom,” said Richardson. “If we don’t, we will reap the fruit of it. It may be already too late. But every Christian, every politically active conservative that loves this nation needs to trumpet this message. It’s non-negotiable.”

One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture – solved at last! Discover the terrifying truth behind the shadowy identity of one of the greatest horrors of the end times. New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson reveals the secret of “Mystery Babylon,” available now in the WND Superstore.


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