WASHINGTON – Superstar Chuck Norris wants everyone to know he’s not looking for a job, but …

If President Trump, whom he supported for president in 2016, wants him to replace James Comey as FBI director, he’s ready, willing and available.

While promoting his new bottled water in Utah this weekend, Norris said: “If someone has to clean it up, and it has to be me, I’ll take the job.”

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Fans were keen on the idea of Norris taking over the FBI. One said, “We need to get him in to Washington! I think he would clean it up. I think he’s the man for the job.”

Like his health column in WND, the artesian water product is called CForce.

Norris happened upon his new bottled-water business by chance, he explains.

“A couple years back Texas was in a bad drought, and so everyone with land was drilling for water for their cattle,” explained Nitro, the black-bearded promotional face of the convenience store Maverik who appears in many of the company’s advertisements and commercials. Norris and his wife, Gena, own a ranch in Navasota, Texas, and he too drilled for water. Nitro further explained, “They hit an aquifer that’s 23,000 years old, and it’s one of the purest, natural waters possible on the planet.”


The sustainable water supply yielded high-quality water, much higher quality than what ranchers would give their cattle, so Norris decided to bottle and sell the water. CForce is most commonly associated with Maverik, but the water is also available through select brick-and-mortar stores and online.

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

His new product is being advertised as water that “doesn’t flow from the ground; it bursts from an artesian spring with the same unharnessed power and intensity you’d expect from Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick.”

Norris spent several days at Maverik locations in Utah to meet with fans and promote his water.


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