By Kimberly Ross

Motherhood is a drain and kids are a pain. Or so they say.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, motherhood isn’t as fashionable as it used to be in decades past.

American females have made great strides, but according to Fed Chair and female Janet Yellen, we’re still being held back. We should be marching in the streets in pink p***y hats, demanding others treat us with respect, and fighting back against systemic oppression. It’s tough being a woman in the USA. After all, it’s 2017. Where is our equality?

What we shouldn’t do is chain ourselves to a man, bow to domesticity, punch out a few kids, and go down that motherhood road. Right? What a thankless, meaningless path. The pay isn’t great and we might have to purchase a dreaded minivan.

This is what they say. They are not fans of reality.

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