(EAG News) San Francisco voters approved Proposition N last fall to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the city’s future school board elections, and some believe it’s a problem that could soon “metastasize” to other school districts.

Proposition N allows illegal immigrant parents of students in the San Francisco Unified School District to vote in November school board elections scheduled for 2018, 2020 and 2022, after which the measure will expire unless extended by the Board of Supervisors, NPR reports.

Proponents of the approved ballot measure contend illegal immigrants with a vested interest in the district deserve to vote on how it’s managed.

“If you allow the children to attend school, why can’t a parent have the right to vote?” questioned parent Carmen Flores, who came from Nicaragua but is now a naturalized citizen. “It doesn’t make sense not to do it. Schools in San Francisco are not good. You have to fight to get a really good public school. That’s what I did for my child.”

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