Re: “Congress needs to impeach this judge” 

Congratulations, Joseph, on coming out against U.S. District Judge William Orrick and all the other activist “non judicial constitutional violators.”

They all need to be impeached – and let’s start with this Orrick horror show. This is the perfect time for a massive campaign to impeach all rogue gavel-holding activist bench warmers.

The latest 10-3 circuit court ruling inventing reasons to let ISIS killers be immune from deportation and the rule of law of our Constitution says it all. These activist, lifetime-job-holding bench warmers are intent to, and paid to, carry out the Obama/Hillary/New World Order agenda to the full extent they can get away with it. Period.

Their actions are not only “non-judicial,” they clearly are against our Constitution, our rule of law and the United States of America. They are openly promoting the New World Order agenda as far as they can, as much as they can, as long as they can.

They are traitors on benches, and they all need to be impeached immediately.

I will support you 100 percent, Joseph.

Best regards,


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