Islamic Hijrah targeting France and America?

By Paul Bremmer

Marine Le Pen
Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has many American supporters in her corner as she fights to win the French presidency this Sunday.

One of those is Wisconsin-based businessman Paul Nehlen, the man who challenged House Speaker Paul Ryan for his congressional seat in last year’s Republican primary election.

One of the best things about Le Pen, according to Nehlen, is she has expressed a desire to secure the French borders and stop the Islamization of France. Nehlen admires the French culture, but he knows it is now being assaulted by a tidal wave of immigration from the Third World.

“They have a very open culture there, and it’s being taken advantage of by what are being referred to as Syrian refugees, but a very low percentage are actually Syrian refugees,” Nehlen said in a recent interview on “Freedom Friday” with pastor Carl Gallups. “The majority are North Africans coming in and essentially setting up no-go zones in France. And [Le Pen] has said, ‘We’re going to put a stop to this.'”

The mass Muslim migration to France could be part of the Hijrah, according to Nehlen. He explores the topic of Hijrah in his new documentary “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion,” which he produced and directed. He told Gallups the word “Hijrah” has several meanings.

“One meaning is leaving sin behind,” he explained. “So I’m not going to be a sinner anymore; this is my Hijrah away from sin. That’s one meaning, and that’s the meaning you’ll hear on mainstream media and you’ll hear apologists use that definition, but there are two other definitions.

“One other definition is that it refers to Muhammad’s trip from Mecca to Medina, and the third means leaving to move Islam around the world in the name of Allah. It is a trip to transplant Islam somewhere else.”

Just as Muslim migrants have transplanted Islam to France, they have also transplanted it to the United States. In America, there are resettlement contractors who have incentives to aid the Hijrah, as Nehlen reveals in his documentary.

“What’s going on with this refugee racket in the United States?” Nehlen asked Gallups. “Why do we have so many refugees coming into the United States? Well, it turns out there are people in the United States who are paid big money to bring refugees in here. If they don’t bring in refugees, they’re not paid big dollars, and when I say big dollars, I mean over six-figure salaries, and the top guy I’ve been able to find so far, he made $662,000 last year.”

And that salary is paid by the American taxpayer, Nehlen pointed out.

Although he failed to oust Ryan last year, Nehlen plans to remain active in the policy arena, speaking up on issues he cares about. He recently authored a book called “Wage the Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders.”

When Gallups asked if he is planning to run for office again, Nehlen suggested it’s likely he will.

“I’m not going anywhere, let’s put it that way,” he said. “We’re not going to announce today that I’m running again, but I would say that on a 10-scale, I’m probably at a nine; some parts of the day I’m at a nine-and-a-half on whether or not I’m going to run again. It’s a big decision to run. It weighs heavily on your family, it creates turbulence in your life, but as with anything, if you’re focused on God and not the problem, then the problem seems small.”

In fact, Nehlen said Christians must remember they are on this planet to do God’s work.

“I feel very strongly that we are God’s hands and feet, and it’s important that we pray. It’s important that we worship. But it’s important in our everyday interacting with people that we realize that we are, in fact, God’s hands and feet and he put us here to see to it that his work’s getting done,” he said.

“Wage the Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders” is a call to action. It is the amazing story of how self-described “manufacturing guy” Paul Nehlen took on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in one of the most closely followed congressional races in the nation. Nehlen’s run presaged the international movement against globalism which reached its climax with the election of President Donald Trump. It’s a firsthand look at the development of one of the original “Trump Republicans” and the populist message which is sending shockwaves through the Beltway Right.

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