James Dobson: Want your daughters forced into combat?

By Bob Unruh


WND reported last month when Dr. James Dobson, the pioneering radio voice of Christian and family values for tens of millions through Focus on the Family and now Family Talk, called for his supporters to flood the telephones lines of a few key U.S. lawmakers and the secretary of defense to protest plans to impose the military draft on women.

Now he’s saying the villain is at the door, and all Americans should be calling their members of Congress to fight the plan.

In his April newsletter, Dobson listed the office telephone numbers for several players, including Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who now is working with Dobson on the effort to derail plans to draft young women.

His Family Talk noted that Hunter had joined forces “in an effort to fight for American families and protect our daughters from combat.”

“Please weigh in on what is happening here. Contact the … ‘players’ and tell them you will not stand for this intrusion into America’s young womanhood. Pull no punches. Irreversible decisions could be made at any minute,” he said at the time.

Dobson asked parents then: “Do you want your daughters engaged in combat situations during national emergencies?”

He expanded that request Wednesday.

“There is much work to be done on Capitol Hill regarding the ‘Draft America’s Daughters’ legislation that I wrote to you about in my April newsletter,” he said. “I met with Sen. Ted Cruz and numerous congressmen, including Rep. Duncan Hunter of California concerning the tragic implications for our families if Congress and the Supreme Court require 18 to 26-year-old girls to register for the Selective Service.

“As unbelievable as this may sound, I am saddened to report that this initiative is what Sen. John McCain and his nine-member committee have been promoting behind closed doors.

“Parents beware! Do you want your daughters to be conscripted into combat service and placed in harm’s way in future wars? If not, then you must call or write your representatives and senators to let them know you do not support the ‘Draft America’s Daughters’ bill!”

His link is to an online database that identifies for constituents their members of Congress.

“Don’t delay, contact them today!” he concludes.

In his earlier call to action, he said it was improper for those who want to draft women to try “to ram this policy down the throats of American families.”

The expansion of the roles for women in the military accelerated under President Obama. He also moved down a path of promoting homosexuality and transgenderism in uniform.

A proposal to move forward with a draft for women has been changed into a study. But the study still is expected to recommend that women serve in any position in the military.

That, Dobson said at the time, just isn’t right.

Dr. James Dobson, one of America’s most respected experts on marriage, parenting and the family, offers a biblically based resource to help those seeking to build healthy, God-honoring families. Get your copy of “The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide” at the WND Superstore!

“Imagine women being disembarked in Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, when 17 or 18-year-old boys, many coming straight out of high school, fought, bled and died for their country. These fellows slogged through wet sandy beaches under a staggering load and into the face of withering machine gunfire and treacherous mines. Then, exhausted and terrified, they fought their way up heavily defended bluffs from which crack German troops rained down hell upon them.”

He continued: “Two thousand of them perished that first day. … That trauma went on for 11 months. Some units didn’t have a single survivor when it was over.”

Yet, he said, the “hoary-headed senior officers in the Pentagon pretended that women were as equipped as men to withstand physical and psychological deprivations, and then fight to the death against hardened troops with high octane testosterone surging through their veins.”

He quoted the 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Barrow, who testified to Congress when the issue first arose years ago.

Barrow told activist lawmakers then: “This is not about women’s rights, equal opportunity, career assignments for enhancement purposes for selection to higher rank. It most assuredly is about combat effectiveness in the next conflict, and so we’re also talking about national security.

“Those who advocate change have some strange arguments. One of which is [the meaning of combat]. That women have been shot at, they’ve heard gunfire, they’ve been in areas where they could have been hit with missiles. Well, exposure to danger is not combat.”

He turned to the topic at hand.

“Combat is a lot more than that. It’s a lot more than getting shot at or even getting killed. Combat is finding and closing with and killing or capturing the enemy if you’re down in the ground combat scheme of things. It’s killing, that’s what it is. And it’s done in an environment that is often as difficult as you can possibly imagine – extreme[s of] climate, brutality, death, and dying. It’s uncivilized! And women can’t do it, nor should they be even thought of as doing it.”

Challenged by senators regarding his experience, he stated: “I was in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I commanded in all three. And I found nowhere in my mental exploration any place for women to be down in the ground combat element.”

He cited one of America’s great military battles, the battle of Chosin Reservoir in Korea.

“First Marine Division confronting eight Chinese divisions spread out along 35 to 40-mile linear disposition … in extreme cold, minus 25. Winds out of Siberia bring[ing] the wind chill factor down to God knows what. Mountains, constant attacking, they were attacking us, we were attacking them, for days, night and day.

“Death all about, frostbite, inadequate clothing. I said, ‘Suppose we had 15 percent women, 20 percent women.’ My supposition led me to say I wouldn’t be here. I guess Kim Il Sung would be taking care of my bones along with everyone else’s.”

At the Center for Military Readiness, President Elaine Donnelly posted a report in December on McCain’s establishment of a commission to study and promote his aim: “Draft America’s Daughters.”

“Chairman McCain has long been a passionate advocate of national service mandates that would commandeer the lives of both young men and women,” she wrote.

The plan that was crafted apparently by McCain “authorizes an 11-member, politically divided commission that will have as long as three years … to spend up to $15 million per year” to work on a recommendation.

She pointed out the commission was stacked from the beginning, with “advocates of mandatory military or national service” in the majority.

In fact, she said, the report “could very well be prepared in advance.”

“If the focus were placed on military readiness, not politically correct social goals, an objective discussion would conclude that calling up equal numbers of men and women, knowing that only a small minority of women would be minimally qualified, would paralyze the system. Such a policy would hurt readiness at the worst possible time.”

Dr. James Dobson, America’s most respected expert on marriage, parenting and the family, offers a biblically based resource to help those seeking to build healthy, God-honoring families. Get your copy of “The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide” at the WND Superstore!


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