Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Just hours after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey,  talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh warned Republicans: “The last thing you should do is find anything in common with the Democrats on this.”

Resist the urge to join the left in piling on Trump, Limbaugh advised, because Democrats “are ripe for being smoked for generations.” In fact, the Comey hysteria is just a symptom of a life-threatening ailment infecting the party, he explained.

And Republicans have a chance to deal the final blow.

“This is the time to move in politically and wipe them out,” Limbaugh said during his Wednesday show. “[T]he Republican Party has a golden opportunity here to continue to nail into the coffin of the Democrat Party.”

He revealed the reason Democrats are clinging to their allegations of Trump-Russia collusion:

The last thing you should do is feel sorry, simpatico. Do not fall for the temptation to join the Democrats in their rants against Trump on [Comey’s firing]. Here’s the deal, folks. There is no collusion. The Russians did not hack, did not tamper, did not impact the outcome of our election. It’s been established for over nine months, if not longer.

It’s not possible. There is not a single person anywhere in law enforcement, in Congress – there’s nobody officially anywhere – who can show you a syllable of evidence that whatever the Russians did had anything to do with the outcome of the election. There is nothing. And yet, it’s the only thing the Democrats have. They dare not let go of it. It’s the only explanation they have for why Hillary Clinton lost the election – and in that, is a tremendous opportunity for the Republicans.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump

Why does the situation present a “tremendous opportunity for the Republicans”?

Limbaugh painted a picture of a Democratic Party in tremendous decline, desperately grasping at any chance to stay relevant – and rapidly losing its battle to win Americans over with its message:

Do you realize what a nothing burger the Democrat Party is? Do you realize the Democrat Party literally has nothing virtuous, positive, uplifting to run on? In all of this, the Democrat Party dares not ask people, “Hey, take a look at us. We got better ideas. Hey, take a look at us. We can fix this.” None of that. The only thing they’ve got is this insane, invisible, nonexistent, so-called connection between the Russians and our election. They have no ideas. They have no optimism. They have no leaders. They have no vision. They are ripe for being smoked for generations! This is the time to move in politically and wipe them out. …

Don’t misunderstand here, folks. I’m not saying the Democrats don’t pose a threat. I’m not… Look, two things here. The Democrats are in deep trouble, electorally. The Democrats are not running the left; the media is. And the media is clearly not inconsequential. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that what’s happening here is obviously to everyone. I’m saying the Republican Party has a golden opportunity here to continue to hammer the nail into the coffin of the Democrat Party.

democratic-party-symbol-logo-donkey-600x600Limbaugh said the Democratic Party is being taken over by an unhealthy, “all-consuming hate and derangement, delusion.” And the Comey firing is just another excuse in the twisted saga.

[The Comey firing] is not anything the Democrats or the media are trying to say that it is. It’s justified. I see if you want complain about the timing. It was long overdue. There’s no coup here. There’s no constitutional crisis whatsoever. None of these allegations the Democrats are making about this or the media have any substance whatsoever. Not saying that they can’t make people believe this. I know better than everybody that they can. I just don’t want the Republicans to get sucked into this and start talking and acting like the Democrats are.

And the reason they would do it is why they always do it: a misunderstanding of the public mood, a misunderstanding of thinking that the Democrats and the media represent the majority of thinking in this country. And I’m here to tell you, they don’t. It might be close, but they don’t. That’s part of the trick every day in the media, is to make it look like everything they’re reporting and saying about it and believe represents the vast majority of thinking. And anything that’s not that is extremist, filled with hate, or is racist or nativist or whatever. And the Republicans have a golden opportunity here if they just don’t fall for this.

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Limbaugh pointed his listeners to tweets and complaints made by Democrats in the last three months criticizing Comey and calling for the FBI director’s removal:

He called Comey’s firing “entirely justified.”

“So I’m saying react to the event, folks — and when you react to the event, you have nothing to defend, you have nothing to feel guilty about, you have nothing to defend Trump over,” Limbaugh explained. “It’s entirely justified. It’s entirely legitimate. It’s not a coup. It’s not the Saturday Night Massacre. It’s not Nixonian. It’s none of that. It isn’t even close to that.”

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In another segment during his Wednesday show, Limbaugh further elaborated on the “sickness” of the left:

This has gone beyond mere political posturing. These people on the left – led by the media and the Democrat Party and the political apparatus – I’m telling you, are sick. … I’m 66 years old. I have been following politics honestly since I was 10. I’m not kidding. I have seen unhinged behavior. I have seen the wild allegations that Democrats make and repeated. I have never seen this degree of collective insanity. I have never seen this degree of so many people literally being out of touch, devoid of reality and unhinged.

I’ve never seen this degree of hate. I understand it because of what’s happened. Trump has totally embarrassed every one of these people inside the Washington Beltway, and he’s taunting them, meeting with the Soviet Russian ambassador today, after the Democrats are convinced the Russians stole the election! They have repeated it so many times; they actually believe it now. …

Nothing comes to a screeching halt here just because Comey’s been let go. But the hysteria and the panic and the outrage is rooted in raw hate. The Democrats, wherever you find ’em – in the media, think tanks, don’t care where you find ’em – they’re being consumed by it, folks. They’re literally being eaten alive with an irrational, raw hatred literally absorbing them. Nothing good for them can come of this kind of hate and resulting derangement. Nothing good. This is not how you put together winning movements.

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