(photo courtesy DonaldJTrump.com)

(photo courtesy DonaldJTrump.com)

Perhaps “draining the swamp” needs to begin with certain personnel at the White House.

Internet news powerhouse Matt Drudge is now claiming advisers to President Donald Trump who are leaking information to news media are “deliberately sabotaging” his presidency.

In a couple of rare tweets on Wednesday, the online newsman indicated: “Trump advisers leaking to media are now deliberately sabotaging presidency. Major house cleaning needed for survival.”

Minutes earlier, he sent another tweet stating: “We never got 1 damaging leak out of Obama White House staff in 8 yrs. Under Trump, they appear hourly. BIG DANGER: Small leaks sink ships!!”


Drudge linked to a report by Axios that included behind-the-scenes comments at the White House concerning the internal mayhem over Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday.

One anonymous White House official quoted in that report stated, “It’s insane. The whole thing is just insane.”

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Politico reported: “By Tuesday evening, the president was watching the coverage of his decision and frustrated no one was on TV defending him, a White House official said. He wanted surrogates out there beating the drum. Instead, advisers were attacking one another for not realizing the gravity of the situation as events blew up. ‘How are you not defending your position for three solid hours on TV?’ the White House aide asked.

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“Two White House officials said there was little communications strategy in handling the firing, and that staffers were given talking points late Tuesday for hastily arranged media appearances. Aides soon circulated previous quotes from [New York Sen. Charles] Schumer hitting Comey. After Schumer called for a special prosecutor, the White House huddled in press secretary Sean Spicer’s office to devise a strategy and sent ‘fresh faces’ to TV, one White House official said.”

Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report (Photo: Twitter)

Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report (Photo: Twitter)

There have been so many embarrassing leaks about President Trump recently, that Paste magazine has compiled a list. Some of them include:

  • Trump will not put up with rough towels on Air Force One.
  • Trump wants intelligence reports to max out at nine bullet points because he hates reading so much.
  • The administration, including Sean Spicer, is taking phones from certain aides and checking them for messages to the press.
  • Trump’s aides had to meet in the dark because they couldn’t figure out the light switches.
  • Aides have to keep Trump away from “bad” information because he gets cranky.
  • Trump is afraid of stairs.

“What’s behind these leaks?” asked Fox News analyst Howard Kurtz in April in a piece titled “Why every White House meeting seems to leak.”

Kurtz noted, “People tend to dish anonymous criticism when they’re frustrated by their colleagues or have no confidence that internal complaints will be heeded.”

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