Cecile Richards, Hillary Clinton

Cecile Richards, Hillary Clinton

Abortionists and their supporters have been known to cast their industry in flowery and even family-friendly and patriotic language to continue obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money each year.

They’ve promoted their abortion-first agenda in the media, on Capitol Hill and even in churches.

But for some, promoting abortion on Mother’s Day was just too much.

“Ghoul” is what Twitchy labeled Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards, who marked Mother’s Day with, “Nothing says ‘I love you, Mom!’ like standing up for the right of mothers everywhere to get the care they need.”

Since the tweet didn’t mention abortion specifically, she also clarified: “Fact: According to data from @CDCgov & others, abortion has over a 99% safety record & is one of the safest medical procedure sin the U.S.”

Commented Twitchy: “Maybe it’s just us, but there seems to be something really wrong with Cecile Richards talking about loving moms on Mother’s Day. Could be that she and her organization do all they can to keep women from becoming mothers in the first place?”

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Twitchy posted Twitter replies to Richards, Stacey Lennox commenting: “Planned Parenthood. Preventing people from celebrating Mother’s Day one abortion at a time.”

The Washington Times noted Planned Parenthood is the abortion industry’s biggest player in America, doing more than 320,000 abortions last year.

Republicans in Congress, with encouragement from President Trump, are working on a plan to withhold the more than $500 million in annual taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood and divert the money to women’s health clinics that do not perform abortion.

Richards’ claim about the safety of abortion in America also generated its own firestorm.

Citing her claim, Twitchy added: “You know, except for the innocent life that’s taken during an abortion, it’s super safe. … She’s shameless.”

The comments continued: “Just more evidence that Cecile Richards and her ilk don’t believe the unborn are alive … or human. Or deserve to be safe. And she wonders why Americans are tired of our tax dollars funding them.”

Johnny Ringo’s response to Richards: “The aborted babies would disagree. Defending an argument no one is making. Stop killing babies, please. The fires of hell are waiting 4 U.”

To which Twitchy added, “Ghouls are offended when you compare them to Cecile Richards, just sayin.'”

Meanwhile, conservative writer and speaker Ben Shapiro took on the feminists in his Mother’s Day social media post.

“Happy Legal Guardian of Unspecific Gender Day!” he wrote.

“It’s Mother’s Day so of course that means feminists will be out in full force shaming motherhood and pretending the patriarchy is somehow responsible for every evil in the world,” Twitchy explained. “Sorta like a normal day for the agenda of third wave feminists, but somehow a day of celebrating moms makes it even more annoying.”

Shapiro wasn’t done, later adding, “Happy Mothers Day to my wife, a victim of the patriarchy and wonderful mother to our two kids!”

“Awww, now this is love,” Twitchy said. “And on that note, wishing all moms and grandmoms a very blessed and happy Mother’s Day! Even you cranky feminists.”

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