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After eight year of Barack Obama’s deconstruction of history’s greatest democracy, America is facing a massive reconstruction project, across the board. Indeed, a public backlash over the “progressive” (Marxist) agenda of Obama swept businessman Donald Trump into the White House.

For those who know history and have discernment in publishing, it’s sometimes possible to craft a book quickly, as momentous events unfold.

That is exactly what has happened with David Horowitz’s new book, “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.” In a matter of weeks, Horowitz has managed to engage his nimble mind to present a look at what Trump hopes to accomplish in the time he has to work with. It is an extraordinary presentation by Horowitz, a leading conservative who left the left long ago.

Horowitz is one of the few political observers who actually understands the full scope of what an America permanently under the heel of the left would look like. From his days as a radical himself in the 1960s, he knows full well how brutal and repressive totalitarians really are. One gets the sense reading “Big Agenda” that we are witnessing this country’s last, best hope.

The breadth of “Big Agenda“stretches from the use of environmentalism as a pretext for government control to global terrorism. Further, many insights (Chapter 6 of Part I: “Hatred in their Hearts”) simply have to be read to be believed. For many Americans, it’s almost inconceivable that so many in our government can really harbor ill feelings for their own country.

But they do.

The tinkering with our democracy that drives progressives is truly ruthless. As Horowitz writes about Obamacare:

As Republicans long suspected, it was designed by its architects to fail so that after laying the groundwork for socialized medicine, they could expand Obamacare with a “single-payer” plan – that is, total government control of the nation’s health. What is important is not the specific policy but the ideology behind the policy, the long-term vision that a policy like Obamacare is the instrumental means of achieving.

Horowitz has a strategy, and he advocates a form of ruthlessness for those on the right. It begins with an understanding of just how the left has framed its arguments/lies in order to deceive the public:

THE PROGRESSIVE VISION OF American society as a hierarchy of races, genders, and classes is delusional and destructive, but it has been the dominant force in America’s political culture for more than half a century. It is the creed of America’s society-shaping institutions – schools and the media – and its party line of political correctness is now the conventional wisdom in America’s boardrooms and courts.

One of the many things I like about Horowitz is his discernment about a particular weakness of the right, at least in terms of fighting destructive ideologies:

Unlike progressives, conservatives are constrained by temperament and precept from engaging in politics as a form of warfare – even though their progressive opponents do so as a matter of course. Conservatives are also realists about human nature and are therefore prone to resignation. Reluctance to go for the jugular and willingness to accept defeat can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are reluctant to fight, you are inevitably headed toward defeat when the other side is relentless and despises you. It is only for those who persist in the battle and never let up that the possibility of changing the result comes into view.

You see, the dangers Horowitz rightly points to are actual existential threats for America. He writes that Huma Abedin, the now-famous ex-aide of Hillary Clinton, herself worked for the Muslim World League, “the creator of al-Qaeda.” Her mother and brother are also leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Such basic and important information is unknown to too many. Horowitz notes a telling fact: when Republicans in Congress began asking questions, only five of 200 Congressional Republicans were willing to ask the questions. Such suppression of real dangers for American citizens must stop.

On the issue of Obamacare, it was so radical when proposed that securing the support of Republican senators like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe was critical. The eternal question is, why do Establishment figures in Washington seem to ignore what’s best for Americans? Horowitz answers this and scores of other important questions in “Big Agenda.” The book is so filled with important information and plausible strategies that one hopes for not only a wide reading audience, but that enough of our political leaders will read it and internalize it that they will truly help President Trump do the right things to set this country back on track.

This Big Agenda has big implications. The next few years will be epic.

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