new petition to President Trump and the Republican Congress calls for the funding and construction of the border wall along the international boundary with Mexico, to keep out illegal aliens, drug trafficking, to reduce environmental damage and more.

After all, the “functional equivalent” was not only approved in the Secure Fence Act of 2006 signed by President Bush and supported by Democrat Sens. Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama, but the failure to act is a very real threat to the future of the United States.

Add your name to the petition demanding a border wall to protect the United States.

From Day 1 of his campaign, President Trump talked about the dangers of uncontrolled illegal immigration into the U.S., and while the cost for a barrier – estimated to range from $15 billion to $20 billion – is certainly a factor – there’s already a proposal in Congress to take money forfeited from the criminal prosecution of drug lords, such as the infamous drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, whose potential losses to the government from illicit profits and drug proceeds could range up to $14 billion.

And the costs of not doing anything are more.

One estimate said the Trump border security plan would run about $95-$120 per U.S. household, but the Federation for Immigration Reform cited a recurring $100 billion annual cost for taxpayers due to services to illegal aliens and their familes.

Besides the financial burden, too, there’s the carnage, estimated at 100,000 lives since the end of 2006, from the drug and criminal trafficking associated with the border.

Trump already has accomplished the destruction of Obama’s “home-free” incentives, according to the Hill, which reported that under the former president, “Aliens wanting to enter the United States illegally knew that they would be safe from deportation once they had reached the interior of the country unless they were convicted of a serious crime. This was a powerful incentive to do whatever was necessary to enter the United States.”

Trump simply utilized “tough campaign rhetoric” and expanded enforcement priorities to make sure, the report said, “No deportable alien is safe.”

The report said that’s already triggered a 64 percent year-to-year drop in the number of people apprehended or deemed inadmissible.

But the new petition moves a step beyond.

Add your name to the petition demanding a border wall to protect the United States.

The effort calls on Trump and Congress “to immediately fund construction of a wall on the southern border of the United States to protect the American people from the scourges of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, environmental destruction and violations of American sovereignty. We further urge President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress to immediately undertake measures to strengthen the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws, including by implementing mandatory E-Verify at all American businesses, imposing and enforcing strict penalties on all employers who hire illegal immigrants, and repealing former president Obama’s unilateral amnesty for illegal alien minors.”

Also Washington should get rid of “birthright citizenship,” where children of illegal aliens are considered American citizens, the beneficiaries of a multitude of benefits.

“The primary duty of any government is to protect the security of the citizenry. The border wall must be constructed and our borders finally brought under control, not just to protect Americans, but to serve as a visible symbol of our national will to remain a free and sovereign nation.”

The petition points out that there are estimates of up to 30 million illegal immigrants already in the country, and former president Ronald Reagan warned, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

Mexico is no help, since it “is actively aiding efforts by its citizens to migrate illegally into the United States and has established a network of 50 consulates within the United States to help its Mexican citizens lobby for aid.”

Heroin tragedies abound from smuggled drugs, environmental issues are a concern because of the trash dumped by illegals, and America has helped allies – Israel, Jordan and Hungary – build border walls, it notes.

“America’s national honor is disgraced by the presence of millions of illegal immigrants who disregard our country’s laws and openly agitate under foreign flags, showing no loyalty or even attachment to the country they are occupying and whose blessings and liberties they are abusing,” it continues.

It concludes, “It’s time to put American first and stop the continued invasion – and along with it the drugs, the crime, the gangs and the ongoing damage to our nation.”

Add your name to the petition demanding a border wall to protect the United States.



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