Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Conservatives have a message for President Trump and the Republican Congress: This isn’t “winning.”

After Donald Trump’s improbable 2016 presidential election victory, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan promised big political results from a new “unified” Republican government with command of both the executive and legislative branches.

But after the recent budget deal, it’s Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who are celebrating.

Conservative leaders are fuming.

Laura Ingraham, who memorably endorsed Donald Trump with a powerful speech at the Republican National Convention, is vowing there will be “hell to pay.” And Rush Limbaugh told Vice President Mike Pence during an interview the Republican majority seems pointless.

“If this is what happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican?” asked Limbaugh. “What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95 percent of their budget objectives, such as in this last budget deal?”

Pence maintained the budget deal was “actually a clear win for the American people,” trumpeting an increase in defense spending.

But Limbaugh was not mollified, pointing out the Republican budget will be “continuing to fund refugee resettlement, continuing to fund Planned Parenthood, continuing to fund sanctuary cities, continuing to fund the EPA, and not build the wall.”

The talk-radio titan also pointed out the Democrats “clearly think this is a big win” and are emboldened to block the rest of President Trump’s agenda.

Limbaugh complained Republicans have been vowing for 15 years to “get ’em next time,” only to constantly surrender during the next round of budget negotiations. Pence argued the increase in defense spending meant Republicans had in fact “got ’em this time.”

Limbaugh wasn’t buying it.

“[W]hy then is the president now suggesting a budget shutdown in September or October?” he asked. “If it’s no good now, why is it good then? You guys were sent there to drain the swamp.

“There’s a clear Trump agenda that just isn’t seeable. It’s not visible in this budget, and some people are getting concerned that there’s more concern for bipartisanship and crossing the aisle, working with Democrats, than there is in draining the swamp and actually peeling away all of the roughage that is preventing actually moving forward here on so many of these issues that affect people domestically.”

Some critics suggest this isn’t just a political failure but a “betrayal beyond belief.”

Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review, author of “Stolen Sovereignty,” argued Trump voters who wanted to “drain the swamp” instead got a de facto Democratic budget.

“If Hillary Clinton was president, I’m not sure anything in this budget would be any different,” Horowitz fumed. “All the leftist priorities have been funded. All the conservative priorities were abandoned. And what’s the most frustrating about all of this is that Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump retreated without even putting up token resistance. No wonder the Democrats like Schumer and Pelosi are celebrating.”

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Horowitz noted the budget plan specifically funds many of the programs President Trump promised to abolish, including:

  • Refugee resettlement, especially from Muslim nations
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Sanctuary cities
  • A bailout for Puerto Rico
  • An increase in H2-B low skilled foreign workers
  • Almost a billion dollars in “food for peace” aid in Africa
  • An increase in funding for “green energy” programs
  • Funding for California’s high-speed rail program

Indeed, as Horowitz furiously pointed out, the budget actually increases immigration from Afghanistan, provides a way for Democrats to prevent local law enforcement from working with immigration authorities and allows bureaucrats in the State Department to bring in even more refugees.

Of course, noticeably absent from the budget bill is any funding for President Trump’s trademark promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the southern border to crack down on illegal immigration and drug smuggling. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tried to defend the president by claiming on Twitter the budget does allow for some funding for defenses on the southern border.

However, as Matthew Boyle observed at Breitbart, steel fencing is hardly a “border wall” and the “levee wall” shown in the pictures is designed to combat flooding, not stop illegal immigration. Nonetheless, Boyle stated one of Spicer’s deputies argued these measures “will prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border,” a claim Trump’s core supporters are unlikely to believe.

Ryan is a special target for scorn from some outraged conservatives. Paul Nehlen, the populist firebrand who challenged Ryan in a primary during the 2016 election and is the author of the upcoming book “Wage The Battle,” blasted “Paul Ryan’s Treachery” in a press release. He accused Ryan of wanting to deliberately undermine the president.

“We elected Trump president, not Ryan,” said Nehlen in the statement. “If we’d wanted Ryan’s agenda, we’d have drafted him to run for president. …  Ryan has been in D.C. too long, evidenced by his priorities, by his actions. Fighting for American workers, American security, and an America First agenda, that’s in Paul Ryan’s job description, not usurping President Trump’s mandate.”

Nehlen also took to Twitter to blast the speaker and stated he is considering another primary challenge.

And even Bill Mitchell, the ever-enthusiastic presidential supporter who achieved online fame during the campaign with his optimistic appraisals of Trump’s electoral chances, defended Trump on the budget negotiations but harshly criticized Ryan. Like Nehlen, Mitchell suggested on Twitter Ryan was deliberately trying to undermine the president, and he urged Trump supporters not to lose faith in the commander-in-chief himself.

“Wage the Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders” is a call to action. It is the amazing story of how self-described “manufacturing guy” Paul Nehlen took on Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in one of the most closely followed congressional races in the nation.

Nehlen’s run presaged the international movement against globalism which reached its climax with the election of President Donald Trump. It’s a firsthand look at the development of one of the original “Trump Republicans” and the populist message which is sending shockwaves through the Beltway Right.

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