Terrorists are lurking just off the coast near my home in Southern California.

They are waiting to strike.

It’s just a matter of time.

Americans will be injured or killed by these terrorists.

So, why won’t our government protect us?

More than a dozen great white sharks were spotted near beach-goers and paddle-boarders this week off the Orange County, California, coast near Dana Point.

A woman was injured recently when a shark took part of her leg just a few miles down the coast from this great white sighting. My son has a friend who was attacked by a tiger shark at La Jolla Cove while snorkeling.

Ironically, La Jolla is infamous for the ridiculous fight over “The Children’s Pool,” where children are banned because it has become a seal preserve. Guess who eats the seals? Sharks! Why do we protect the seals from children, but we won’t protect the children from sharks who also eat seals? Do you see the lunacy?

I say: Shoot the sharks.

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People, even common-sense conservatives get defensive of these water-dwelling terrorists when I say we should shoot them. But we should.

We accept as a country that people will die from these lurking predators, but we rationalize that “not too many” people will die, so we court the sharks instead of shooting them.

There is no rational argument against shooting sharks. Some say they are “critical to our ecosystem.” Really? How? Because they eat fish?

The theory that our food chain is so fragile is a myth.

An estimated 5 billion species (yes, with a “b”) have gone extinct over earth’s history, according to “experts.” One more extinct man-eating species would not be the end of the world.

Those same zealots argue that we should preclude fisherman from their livelihoods because our waterways are “over fished.” Really? How about we shoot the sharks and let fisherman fish instead?

I am not advocating shooting all sharks, or even a large percentage. I am saying – when they are in the cross-hairs of our cameras from a helicopter with news reporters and pseudo law enforcement agonizing over what to do – why doesn’t a sharpshooter with a .50 cal in that helicopter solve the problem in real time? Why force beach-goers out of the water?

Some argue that the water is the sharks’ home. Really? Who holds the mortgage on that home, and what did the shark do to earn it? God gave man dominion, and if a predator threatens a human, that is an easy choice to me.

Sharks don’t normally attack. That’s true. But when they are swimming in shallows, trolling for people to eat, something must be done. If we knew a murderer was lurking, we wouldn’t protect him (or “her,” for you feminists) and talk about how to woo him not to commit the murder he was planning.

Ivan Pavlov gave us great wisdom on the matter. Feed an animal, and he wants more. So if sharks are as wise as the wackos like to pretend they are, then if we shoot a couple lurking in the shallows, it will serve as a disincentive to other sharks to hunt there for people to eat.

Anti-human irrationalists will anthropomorphize sharks, saying they’re so smart and they communicate with one another. Great! They can all go tell their friends to stay away from the shallow areas because they might get shot.

If we shot the 50 sharks that hunt for people to eat off the coast of California each year, we wouldn’t make a dent in the shark population, and the so-called “ecosystem” wouldn’t know the difference. But people would be free to swim in our oceans and enjoy their summer vacations on California’s beautiful coast.

Let me add that I spent hours this week engaging friends and family to save the tadpoles in my pool by relocating them to nearby ponds to live out their lives. I don’t hunt, and I have done pit bull rescue for much of my life. This isn’t about hurting an innocent animal. This is about being rational and not letting leftist, environmentalist propagandists fill our heads so that we lose all common sense.

God gave humans dominion of the planet, and that includes the oceans. With the freedom of dominion comes the burden of stewardship. Being stewards means rationally considering the impact of wildlife on human life, and vice versa. Saving people over predatory animals seems like simple logic to me. It distresses me when I hear solid conservatives regurgitating environmentalist mantra in defense of sharks, using words like “the oceans are their homes” and “they are really peaceful animals.”


Sharks don’t have “homes.” People do. Sharks don’t even nest, and they certainly don’t measure for curtains or lovingly tuck their babies in at night. They aren’t “peaceful”; they are predatory.

When we are at a point in our culture where we will call a guy who wolf whistles at a girl “predatory” and a shark lurking on our beach to eat our children “peaceful,” it might be time for some thoughtful re-examination of our collective conscience.

What do women want? Find the answer in Gina Loudon’s best-selling co-authored blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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