Anita Dittman speaks about her life in one of Nazi Germany's concentration camps. She grew up in Germany and was almost 6 years old when Hitler came to power.

Anita Dittman speaks about her life in a Nazi  concentration camp. She grew up in Germany and was almost 6 years old when Hitler came to power.

Anita Dittman has a story like no other Holocaust survivor. And Friday, the popular CBN television program “The 700 Club” will help tell that story.

The show will air a 10-minute segment focused on Dittman’s adoption of the Christian faith at age 7 and her survival through the Holocaust. The segment will include recent interview footage with Dittman.

“The 700 Club” airs on the Freeform channel at 10 a.m. Eastern and also streams live at The Dittman segment is slated to run Friday after the show’s news block, according to Ashley Andrews, a features producer for “The 700 Club.”

Dittman previously told her inspirational life story in the book “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” co-written with Jan Markell, as well as in the documentary of the same name. There are also plans in the works for a feature film about her trials and tribulations during the Holocaust.

Dittman was only a young girl when Hitler seized power in her native Germany. As a teenager, she was separated from her mother and dragged off to a Nazi labor camp. She not only escaped from the camp once, but she did it again after she was recaptured. She survived the bombing of Dresden despite being in the middle of a street at the time. She survived a stay in a Nazi hospital despite a nurse’s effort to kill her through neglect.

She avoided being raped by a crowd of vicious Russian soldiers while she was trapped in a bomb shelter. After she was discharged from the hospital, despite not being given a cane or crutches for her injured leg, she walked across the country in an attempt to find her mother, who had initially been taken to a different labor camp.

Dittman recount all the details “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell.”

And how did young Anita manage to survive all these life-threatening ordeals? Whenever she tells her story, she always gives credit to God. Although Anita was born to a Jewish mother and an atheist father, she found faith in Jesus Christ when she was 7 years old after several conversations with a Lutheran pastor. It is her faith that brought her through the Holocaust and has sustained her all these years.

“When people applaud [my speeches], I always say to them, ‘You know, I thank you for your response, but that applause belongs to the Lord, because if it hadn’t been for Him, I wouldn’t be here to talk to you,'” Dittman told WND last year. “When we love the Lord, we know that whatever we are, whatever we can do is strictly His doing. It’s just in His hands, and He definitely has a plan for all of us.”

A victory for God in the heart of darkness. Don’t miss the incredible true story of how one woman found hope amidst the horror of the Holocaust. “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” is now available in book and documentary form at the WND Superstore.

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