America is in moral chaos.

Perversion is so commonplace it’s become banal. Upholding decency is dangerous. Gender is meaningless. And every value has become inverted.

But one man saw it coming.

It’s been a little more than a decade since WND Managing Editor David Kupelian’s widely acclaimed book “The Marketing Of Evil,” which both predicted and explained the contemporary inversion of values in post-Christian America. Conservative marketing guru Rebecca Hagelin, writing in the Washington Times and, recently called it “one of the most important books of the last 20 years.”

“As a marketing professional, when I first read Mr. Kupelian’s book some 12 years ago, I was impressed by his careful and thorough documentation of the propaganda plan set forth by radical activists whose goals are to redefine ‘right as wrong’ and ‘wrong as right’ in the areas of human sexuality, the value of innocent human life, and the structure of the family,” she wrote.

“Flash forward to today, and we see that not only has the left widely succeeded in brainwashing much of the American populace into believing utter nonsense (for example, Bruce Jenner is a woman simply because he has decided it is so), but their ‘success’ has thrown us into such chaos that we collectively no longer know the difference between a male and a female.”

The book is still impacting popular culture. In fact, recently “The Marketing of Evil” was featured in the 2017-released Hollywood movie “I am Michael” starring James Franco and Zachary Quinto.

marketing of evil i am michael

Scene from “I Am Michael”

In this true story, Franco, playing the lead role of high-profile “gay rights” activist Michael Glatze, is shown reading “The Marketing of Evil” during the pivotal scene in which Glatze publicly renounces his “gay” identification and reveals he wants to live for God. The real-life Glatze, having left the homosexual lifestyle in 2007 and become a happily married Christian pastor, has said reading Kupelian’s book played a significant role in helping him in his dramatic journey.

View the “Marketing of Evil” scene from “I am Michael”:

Kupelian recently sat down with Perry Atkinson on theDove TV (watch interview below) to reflect on the book’s impact and the relentless campaign of hatred now being directed against Christians and believers in traditional morality.

“When you make evil good – when you make something that’s bad and self-destructive appear good – there’s a corollary that always goes along with that,” Kupelian warned. “You must always make good look evil. That sounds even more dark, but they have to go together.

“In order to convince people that evil is good – when someone says, ‘wait, this is crazy, that’s evil, what you’re talking about is destructive, you’re saying that people that amputate healthy body parts and have a 41 percent attempted suicide rate and have this sad, impossible dream of pretending that they’re the opposite gender for the rest of their lives, there’s something wrong with that!’ – you have to demonize that person [who speaks the truth].”

As Kupelian explained, the necessity to demonize those who defend common-sense moral and biological truths also leads to the perversion of language.

“You have to make up new words – ‘transphobic,'” he scoffed. “That’s not even a word. There are not enough words to demonize them to say you’re a hater, you’re a bigot, you’re a racist or whatever. You have to make up new words to demonize them with.”

As a result, Kupelian argued, there is a vast group of Christians in America who feel they are being oppressed and silenced within their own country.

“This is what’s going on in our society,” he charged. “That’s why there’s so much angst and so much craziness going on, because we’re not only making evil look good, but the good people … are demonized and intimidated and therefore afraid to speak out and say ‘this is crazy, what you want to do.'”

Kupelian believes the effort to suppress truth through the manipulation of language and emotions goes back to the Garden of Eden.

“You’ve got it right on the [book’s] cover,” which depicts a woman’s hand holding an apple – “that was the first ‘marketing of evil’ that ever happened,” Kupelian said, laughing. “God had just said, ‘Don’t. You’ve got everything here. Just that one tree – don’t eat it, don’t touch it.’ That’s easy, simple, easy to remember. And even when the Devil approached Eve, she repeated it: ‘We can eat of every tree, but not that one.’ And then he started with his sales pitch and he sucked her right in.”

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Ultimately, Kupelian argued, what is at stake is truth itself.

“People use this expression – ‘my truth,'” he said. “Excuse me, what the heck is ‘your truth?’ What does that even mean? There’s truth! Two plus two equals four. Two plus two does not equal five.”

Yet how can this collapse into relativism be combated? Kupelian offered a challenge to the church: Stand for truth boldly and unapologetically, instead of trying to compromise with a corrupted and godless culture.

“Life is a battlefield for all of us, whether we like it or not,” he said. “If you’re a pastor, and you’re taking on this mantle of probably the most important work there is – to bring people to God to hopefully establish an eternal home for them – you’re going to have some rough stuff. If you read the Bible, read the New Testament, it’s full of warnings this life is full of troubles and tribulations. Christ Himself said that, and all the apostles said that.

“The truth has got some thorns in it. If you’re a good preacher, you’re going to offend people. Jesus spoke the truth, and they crucified Him for it!”

More than a decade after Kupelian exposed the hidden tactics and techniques being used every day to turn America’s once-Christian culture to the dark side, the veteran newsman said he is well aware of how deeply the West has fallen.

“This is the most Christian country in the world, but that’s not saying much,” he noted grimly. “Europe has forsaken its Christian roots, and it’s under a full-scale Islamic invasion at this point.”

Yet hope remains. As Kupelian observed, Donald Trump won the election with a decisive victory in the Electoral College. A huge number of right-thinking Americans “have not drunk the Kool-Aid and are horrified at what happened to their country, what’s happened to the culture, what’s happened in the last eight years,” Kupelian claimed.

“Let me just say it plainly – we had a Marxist as a president for eight years,” he continued. “I’m not going to apologize or speak in code, ‘oh, he’s a leftist.’ That’s code for something – it’s code for Marxist. Obama totally, outwardly identified as Marxist, this is historical fact, when he was in college. He never repudiated those views.” It became evident, Kupelian added, “if you look at what he did, what he believed, the people he appointed and so forth.”

Yet America endured. A moral majority, or, at the least, a sizable moral minority, still remains, struggling to survive under an endless media offensive to destroy its Christian moral code.

Years after he wrote “The Marketing Of Evil,” Kupelian urges continued creative resistance. Yet he also encourages Christians to look inward and not be content with just an external battle. Neither battle is easy, he warns.

“We ultimately need to do some serious reflection on our sins, we need to come to God, we need to embrace the Gospel message,” he said. “In my Bible, the very first word in red, the first word spoken by Jesus, is ‘repent.’ But that involves some introspection, some honesty, some pain.”

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