The Democrats are angry. Many are insanely so. They are like the onerous wife who nags and bitches incessantly at her husband and then gets angry when she finally kills him. Her anger has become her countenance. The widowed left is bitter, and she has nowhere to go because she has driven everyone away in her rage.

Kennedy and Camelot were once the face of the Democrat Party. She was “pretty” then – sane, even calming. Later, she went a little nutty with the Carters, but she fell completely off the deep end when the Clinton family became her face. The Democratic Party does not realize it is the very oligarchical elite that it allowed to become its face, and it has destroyed the party from within.

Now no one trusts them – the Kennedy Democrats, or even the nutty Carter Dems who hung with them through the “Misery Index” years. Some have gone on to greener pastures. Some have retreated, realizing anything is better than a crazy party only getting crazier.

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How is a sensible Democrat in the heartland supposed to relate to the highlight reel of Democrat drama this year, alone?

Pink hats representing genitalia dazed the confused streets of a once grand Capitol.

Leftist snowflakes burned and destroyed college campuses to keep conservatives from speaking.

America has also witnessed:

  • a rainbow flagged White House,
  • gender-confused restrooms,
  • sanctuary cities to protect criminals and terrorists, instead of Americans,
  • Hillary Clinton’s classified email server scandal, which won’t go away,
  • and Clinton operatives one-by-one proving to be corrupt (Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, John Podesta …).

Also, the Clinton Body Count increases as more mysterious deaths occur surrounding the Clintons. And all the while, they take zero responsibility for the disaster they have created out of the trust and money their constituents gave them to fix things.

The once-loyal Democrat rank-and-file has watched as the Clinton Crime Cartel has gone from lying, to cheating, to stealing, to killing to get people out of the way of their intoxicating power.

The “resistance” movement wanted to be the tea party, but in its despair and violence, it failed. Ultimately, it only established hard evidence that the party was undeniably, irrevocably insane.

The amazing part is that the party doesn’t even realize what is killing it.

Just when you thought the Democratic Party might take a look in the mirror and discover what led to its bloody fall in the last election, and save itself from certain death, Hillary Clinton re-emerged like the prom scene from “Carrie.” She was baaaaack, and it sent chills through the handful of remaining sensibles watching the whole sinking ship.

The Democratic Party cannot recover until the Clinton dynasty is wiped from the face of the failing party. Chelsea cannot emerge, because if she does, she will serve as a reminder of an oligarchical, imperial, embarrassing and un-American era in their party’s history that will never win again.

The Clintons broke the Democratic Party, and until the DNC admits that’s the problem, it will lose. Its only hope at this point is to extricate the Clintons, and their cronies and associates. The Clintons can take full credit for the accomplishments of the Trump administration, and re-election in 2020, because without them their party might be relevant, have a leader or be gaining credibility.

With the Clintons, the Democrats can only sink deeper into a self-entranced belief that one day they will start winning again, even if they keep repeating the same, old, worn-out tricks:

  • Class, race and gender warfare
  • Blatant hypocrisy
  • Lawlessness for votes and power
  • Oligarchical power of the elite
  • Groupthink with no tolerance for dissent
  • Whining and complaining
  • Dressing like genitalia
  • Creating new victims for Dems to save
  • Taxpayer money funneled to elections (Planned Parenthood, Union dues)
  • Committing violence to shut down opponents (Berkeley)
  • Destruction of their own communities
  • Tolerating terror for votes and power
  • Promoting illegal immigration for votes and power

They can’t win. But how can they not see it?

Let’s see if they will keep helping the Trump Train into 2020, and beyond.

What do women want? Find the answer in Gina Loudon’s best-selling co-authored blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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