An expert on the Middle East, Samuel Whitefield, says the focal point for events around the world more and more these days is Israel.

“The simple fact is, the Lord is placing an emphasis once again on the Middle East,” he said in an interview with biblical expert Joel Richardson on The Underground.

“There’s a lot going on.”

He said there are multiple factors involved, but essentially the Bible explains that the focus will return to Israel.

“That gives us confidence,” he said. “The Lord is maneuvering human history in such a way that it’s going to end up with the focus there.”

Then, he said, there are rapid transitions around the globe, and events of the Middle East “are having a disproportionate influence.”

He cited the question of Islam, the refugees of the Middle East, the “controversy” of Israel.

“Issues in one small area more and more are grabbing our news media,” he said.

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