As Democrats reel from their devastating loss in Georgia’s special election, one has to wonder what is going on in the heads of Democratic Party leadership.

These days, it seems they do the opposite of what works. In a center-right country, they are moving further and further left. Looking at actions and motivations, we can examine what is really going on in the mind of a Democratic Party leader.

Here are five things Democratic leaders really believe:

1) Flooding new potential voters over the border is more important than the safety of Americans.

Allowing unfettered illegal immigration is dangerous for all involved, but the Democratic leadership doesn’t care. As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, according to a new report from the research organization Just Facts.

As the millions of illegal immigrants have anchor babies in the U.S., Democrats have a new generation of voters ready to elect them just a few election cycles from now. They are playing the long game.

The Democrat leadership salivates at the thought of millions of anchor babies coming of voting age to sweep their party back into power. Nancy Pelosi’s age may be in the triple digits by then, but it looks like she plans to stick around to see the fruits of her labor.

Also, the Democrat leadership doesn’t care if terrorists cross our open borders. Any little people who die in a terror attack are just collateral damage. It’s for the greater good – the Democratic Party leadership’s power and wealth.

2) Democratic leaders know more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens equals less crime, but they want law abiding citizens’ gun rights suppressed anyway.

Again, the Democratic leadership is playing with the lives of Americans, but there is something much more important – their money and power.

Demonizing Second Amendment supporters is a really great way for Democrats to fundraise, especially after a shooting. Democrats can’t wait to find a TV camera after a shooting to politicize a tragedy.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe looked like a jackass as he politicized the attack on a GOP congressman by a rabid leftist Bernie supporter, but all he could see were dollar signs in his eyes when he heard news of a shooting.

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3) The Democratic leadership wants to keep you on a virtual plantation by giving you free stuff in exchange for your votes.

There are few things that tear a family apart more than Big Daddy government coming in to “help,” but, the Democratic leadership doesn’t care. It gets votes and money and power.

In lower-income minority neighborhoods, there is no role for men. Men who were destined to be providers for their families now have no purpose in their lives as Big Daddy government has replaced them as head of the household.

The Democratic leadership loves fatherless homes that have to accept free stuff from the government to get by. They own them and their votes.

Men who have lost their purpose as providers turn to drugs. And who is the party of drug decriminalization? The Democratic Party, of course!

The Democratic leadership doesn’t care that it has robbed millions of poor minority households of happiness and success. It’s all worth it as long as these households keep voting for Democrats.

4) The Democratic leadership has become communist. Although, it’s hard to tell if they actually believe in communism in their hearts or if they merely tow the commie (a.k.a. progressive) line to please the coastal elites whose money keeps them elected.

Nancy Pelosi comes from the commune of San Francisco, and the wealthy commies there keep her in power.

Jon Ossoff received as much money from donors in the city of San Francisco as he did from the entire state of Georgia. This isn’t a coincidence. Ossoff would have owed his seat to Pelosi, and he would have voted for her as speaker in exchange for that campaign cash.

Anyone who thinks Pelosi is going anywhere is mistaken. Most Democratic congressmen owe their election to Pelosi and the San Fran commie cash.

These days, Democrats sound like communists because much of their money flows from the leftist coastal communes. To keep the money flowing, they have to keep the commies happy.

5) The Democratic leadership doesn’t care that you have a household to support. They would rather talk about Russia conspiracy theories than help advance an agenda that restores jobs, national security and your peace of mind.

Democrats predicted Armageddon if Donald Trump was elected president, and they must do whatever it takes to keep President Trump from creating any prosperity in America. Every American who prospers during the Trump presidency is a lost vote for Democrats.

The best-case scenario for Democrats is to cause the economy to tank while Republicans are in power.

That’s why they must create scandal after scandal. That’s why they push conspiracy theories about Russia collusion that make them sound crazy.

There is nothing off the table when it comes to stopping President Trump’s pro-American agenda.

I appeared on Fox Business to give my thoughts on the out-of-touch Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party might appear to be discussing a change in leadership right now, but it’s not going to happen.

The Democratic leadership is in place because of the money it provides to candidates across the country. Elected Democrats in D.C. owe their seats to Sen. Chuck Schumer and Pelosi, who control the spigot of campaign money flowing from New York and California to Democratic candidates across the country.

And there is one thing way more important to elected Democrats than their constituents – money.

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