From safe spaces to trigger warnings to cries for reparations for black students to segregated “privilege” workshops, many of today’s college campuses are steeped in a frenzy of political correctness.

Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla is teaming up with radio host and WND columnist Dennis Prager to expose the madness through a documentary titled “No Safe Spaces.”

They have been filming for several months, but they recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the movie. Carolla and Prager are seeking to raise $500,000, which would then be matched by another $500,000 from Dangerous Documentaries, the movie production branch of the Capital Research Center.

“For obvious reasons, Hollywood won’t be financing a film that calls out the hysteria and indoctrination taking place at universities,” reads a message on the project’s page. “That would be like asking a clown to take a stand against wearing giant shoes and driving tiny cars. This film will entertain and educate as an independent voice: your voice.”

Carolla and Prager promise to sweeten the pot with a wide variety of perks for donors, depending on how much they donate. For example, those who chip in $10 will receive a coloring book, which is a staple of safe spaces on many college campuses.

Those who donate $50 receive a “No Safe Spaces” film crew T-shirt. Anyone who gives $5,000 gets to enjoy either dinner and drinks with Carolla or dinner and cigars with Prager. And those generous enough to donate $20,000 are promised an executive producer credit, a trip to the movie’s Los Angeles premiere and admittance to a private reception on the premiere date.

As of June 2, more than $154,000 had been raised, representing 31 percent of the $500,000 goal.

In the movie, Carolla and Prager visit several campuses, including UC Berkeley, where they accompanied Ann Coulter on her infamous April visit. In fact, the duo’s first scheduled stop, at California State University, Northridge last December, was canceled by authorities reportedly unhappy about the topic of the speech Carolla and Prager intended to give.

The project’s Indiegogo page describes the movie.

“Come along on a road trip that will include trigger warnings, real social justice warriors, and maybe even some tailgating. Adam and Dennis will show you how so many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas have ruined college for young people and now threaten to ruin the country by creating a nation of precious snowflakes who melt when they encounter an idea that they disagree with. And while the topic is serious, we can’t resist making this a funny film.”

The movie’s producer, Mark Joseph, said free speech is at the core of the film’s message.

“I first heard Dennis when he spoke at my college years ago, and over the past few years I’ve gotten to know Adam through other projects and have great respect for both of them,” Joseph told WND.

“When the opportunity came along to produce this movie I was very interested because of both of them and the topic. I’ve also always admired Nat Hentoff and his book ‘Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee,’ so this isn’t an issue of left vs. right, but one on which all Americans should agree upon. We’re going to tell a compelling story about why freedom of speech isn’t just important, it’s crucial, and about how America doesn’t need safe spaces; we ARE the safe space: a space in which we are all supposed to be allowed to speak our minds freely. If we ever lose that we will have lost America.”

Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer.

For Prager, meanwhile, the documentary is a work of passion.

“I am making this film because I care deeply about ideas and because I hate bullies,” Prager said in a statement provided to WND. “The left shouts down ideas they disagree with, especially on university campuses. They did this when I was a student in the 1970s. But I do not think most parents – even conservative ones – have a clue in regards to how bad things are on college campuses across the nation. Adam Carolla and I are going to visit these ‘safe spaces’ and interact with these students, professors and parents to discover what sort of citizens and future leaders we are creating.”

Scott Greer, deputy editor at The Daily Caller, said the movie could prove very useful.

“It’s a worthwhile effort to show to a larger audience what is happening on college campuses,” Greer told WND. “Not everybody watches the news or reads online media, so an entertaining documentary has a lot of potential to inform otherwise unaware citizens. I just hope that they don’t write this off as ‘kids just can’t handle different opinions’ and look into the racial elements in these protests.”

Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination,” said college students and the adults who influenced them share responsibility for the rise of campus PC culture.

“Adults teach the students these ideas, and the kids enforce them,” he said. “The students are more responsible for the insanity than the adults and it’s often administrators and professors who are the targets of their witch hunts. But the kids didn’t learn these ideas on their own.”

International journalist and educator Alex Newman agrees the documentary could play a critical role.

“This movie and other efforts like it are desperately needed today,” Newman told WND. “Unfortunately, everyday Americans who work hard and pay the taxes that fund the insanity masquerading as ‘education’ on these college campuses have no idea how absurd things have gotten. This movie should help raise awareness about it. The first step in fixing this dangerous lunacy is making Americans aware, and hopefully this film will contribute to that. Once the American people see this – -and understand the danger it represents to the future of freedom and our nation itself – then we can get busy fixing it. So I applaud Carolla and Prager for this important effort.”

Newman, who exposed the education establishment’s true goals in his book “Crimes of the Educators,” said the politically correct insanity now roiling college campuses can be traced back to the shortcomings of the American K-12 education system.

“Properly educated children who arrived at one of these college campuses would be able to mop the floor with these nutty activists posing as ‘educators’ and professors – logically, philosophically, and rhetorically,” Newman declared. “The fact that so many indoctrinated children succumb to the kookery of these colleges is a damning indictment of the K-12 system.

“For instance, if these students had been trained in logic or philosophy, they would instantly see through the irrational and often contradictory absurdities pushed by these fringe professors. If the students had been taught real history, they would instantly recognize the lies and distortions being promoted. But unfortunately, K-12 ‘education’ in America today is basically a giant exercise in dumbing down and indoctrination that renders its victims susceptible to the kind of mass lunacy and tyranny that has overtaken our supposed institutions of higher learning. The American people deserve better – and that needs to start in the K-12 classroom.”

“No Safe Spaces” is scheduled to be released in the spring or summer of 2018. Carolla and Prager are also planning a tour this fall of college campuses around the country, where they plan to put on “unscripted, unfiltered live shows.”

Political correctness is just the beginning. The situation on college campuses is worse than you could ever imagine – and America’s future is at stake. Don’t miss the political blockbuster of 2017 – “No Campus For White Men” by Scott Greer.


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