Music legend Charlie Daniels

Music legend Charlie Daniels

Opponents of Israel who relish the idea of a world without the Jewish state are on notice.

No, not by a nuclear power such as the United States or China. But by a hall of fame country-rock musical artist Charlie Daniels.

And he’s not suggesting he’ll do anything, but he does believe the Bible is very clear about the consequences for those who come against Israel.

Let’s just say he believes it ends badly for them.

“Don’t know when, but it’s gonna happen,” he writes in a Monday commentary on his website, “Soap Box.”

“There is still much Bible prophecy left to be fulfilled, most of it dealing with Israel and the Jewish people and most especially Jerusalem, which will be a point of contention in the very last battle of the age, when the armies of the world will gather on the giant flat plain below the city of Megiddo in the region of Mount Carmel for the final push to totally annihilate Israel once and for all,” he writes.

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“According the infallible word of the Living God, He, in His awesome anger will fight for His chosen people leaving 85 percent or so of the enemy troops dead in the Jezreel Valley, the plains of Armageddon.

“Blood will flow as high as a horse’s bridle as an army of two hundred million are divinely caused to fight among themselves leaving but one-sixth of them alive to go home and tell the story of what the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wrought.”

That, he says, “will be a day like no other in human history as God winds down his dealings with the race He created.”

And the result will be that, “Jesus Christ will set up His Kingdom on this earth and Jerusalem, in tiny little Israel, will be the capitol of the world.”

The Institute for Creation Research notes Revelation 14:20 describes the “final slaughter of the armies of the beast at Armageddon.”

“There may well be a multitude of perhaps two hundred million (compare Revelation 9:16) men (and maybe women also) clustered together, with many horses and various items of military equipment, all massed in a great phalanx extending from below Bozrah, deep in Edom, up beyond Megiddo and the plain of Armageddon, through the valley of Jezreel, with its center in the Judaean wilderness opposite Jerusalem, in what has been called ‘the valley of Jehoshaphat,'” the organization explains.

“The distance of six hundred ‘furlongs’ (Greek stadion) corresponds to 180 miles. If the phalanx averages a mile in width, the assumed two hundred million in the massed armies of the beast, with many animals as well, would barely have room to move. If the vast armies were to ‘explode’ suddenly, the blood gushing out from man and beast would create a great trough of blood, draining up to the horse bridles in the valley center, like a great vat of grapes in a winepress bursting all at once.”

Such a scene also “was apparently seen in vision by some of the ancient prophets,” the group noted.

Daniels, who’s known for his frank comments on biblical issues, explained, “I am a big fan of Bible prophecy and now is a fascinating time to be alive because some of the major Old Testament Prophecies have been fulfilled in my lifetime.

“One of the huge prophecies was fulfilled on May 14, 1948, when the nation of Israel was born, or I should say reborn, in a single day by a vote in the United Nations declaring the existence of the state of Israel and Jews from around the world began flocking to this small, barren sliver of land that would be contested and at war from its inception.”

He cited God’s promise, regarding Israel, “He who blesses you I will bless and he who curses you I will curse” because Israel seldom has been without a military conflict – against opponents “far more numerous and better equipped.”

“The armies of Israel, despite the primitive nature of the small number of weapons they had to defend themselves with in the early days, have never lost a war though they have been in an almost constant state of conflict for almost 70 years,” he said.

See Charlie Daniels in his latest starting role, in “Revelation: Dawn of Global Government,” which explains how America, Christianity and liberty all are being destroyed by the Trojan horse of globalism.


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