Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe didn’t wait long to inject his party’s gun confiscation agenda into the story of the attack by an armed Democratic activist on a group of Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice Wednesday morning.

At a news conference on the shooting in Alexandria, McAuliffe, with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, said: “We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

Of course, if that were true, all of America would be wiped out in four days, I thought to myself.

Within minutes, McAuliffe repeated the bogus “statistic” about 93 million – even after being corrected by reporters.

“With 93 million people a day it’s just something,” McAuliffe said.

Asked again what he was talking about with the 93 million number, McAuliffe half-heartedly corrected himself: “93 individuals a day.”

Let me correct McAuliffe one more time – not to mention all the other politicians making similar claims that the problem is too many guns on the streets.

Too many guns in America is not the problem. The real problem is too many Democrats with killer instincts, seething with hatred and violence in their hearts.

That’s right.

It was a left-wing Democratic activist who tried to gun down Republican members of Congress and anyone else in the vicinity. It was a fervent Bernie Sanders fan. It was a supporter of Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center, one whose other apostles tried to kill everyone at the Family Research Council a few years ago – with a gun! It was someone who watched and idolized Rachel Maddow who did this. It was a supporter.

That’s who perpetrated this shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, Wednesday morning. His name was James Hodgkinson. And he was your prototypical left-wing Democratic zealot, enflamed with hate against Donald Trump, Republicans and pretty much everyone who didn’t agree with him and Bernie.

Here were some of his favorite Facebook likes:

Hillary Clinton 2016
Dan Rather
Dump Trump
Bernie is My Homeboy
Liar, Liar Republican Campaign on Fire
Stop the Obstructionist Tea Party
Just Say No to Republicans
Democracy Today
Bernie Sanders Truth Talkers – The Revolution Continues
Progressive Global Initiative
Bernie or Bust
Occupy Democrats
Hate Liberals? Bite Me
Democrat Socialist Social Media Network
Progressive Communication Network
Bernie Sanders for President
Berniecrats United to Resist Trump
No More Republicans
Hey Republicans … Shut Up!
End the Corporate Dictatorship
Paul Ryan, the Grinch Who Stole Medicare
Michele Bachmann is Bats–- Crazy
Chuck Norris is a Douchebag
Don’t Let America Get Trumped Over
Ronald Reagan Was A Douche
Fire the Republican Government
Ronald Reagan was an evil supporter of death squads, NOT a hero
Arrest Both Koch Brothers for Treason
Republicans Suck
Ignoring Rush Limbaugh
Bernie Sanders for President 2020
F–- the Koch Brothers
Occupy DC
The Amazing Atheist
Vocal Progressives
Americans Against the Tea Party
Reclaim America from the Lunatic Fringe
Right Wing Watch
Progressive Democrats of America
Fox News Sucks
Rush Limbaugh Lying Lunacy
Dumb S–- Republicans Say
Stupid Things Republicans Say and Do
Republicans: The F—ing NUTS Party
Republicans Suck
Republicans Are Stupid
Jesus Was Not a Republican
Americans Against the Republican Party
Americans Against Fox News and Republican Lies
ACLU Nationwide
Rachel Maddow
Bill Moyers
Media Matters for America
Southern Poverty Law Center
Democracy Now!
Michael Moore
Elizabeth Warren
Daily Kos
The Rachel Maddow Show
Barack Obama
Real Time with Bill Maher

Now here’s the curious thing: Why does someone who loves Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and all their ideas about grabbing guns own one? I can only guess that he just wants to confiscate guns from those who don’t agree with him, right? Just like he would be happy to snuff out the lives of those who disagree with him.

He’s part of an all-too familiar pattern of Democrat, “progressive,” left-wing haters who love to label those with whom they disagree as haters. But, in the end, the real haters demonstrate their hate and their madness with acts of reprehensible violence.

Isn’t that usually the case?

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