Have you achieved all your biggest goals in life? Well, have you visualized them? Have you written them down on a note card and imagined, every single day, that you have already achieved them?

If you can visualize your goals with the same sense of excitement you would feel if you actually achieved them, you will be well on your way to reaching those goals in reality, according to personal financial manager Jody Tallal.

“All of a sudden, those things are now being planted firmly into your subconscious mind, and it will start directing you subconsciously in your normal actions, and things will start changing and those things will start materializing,” Tallal said during a recent appearance on “Stand for Truth Radio” with Susan Knowles.

Visualization is just one of the many valuable tips Tallal imparts in his book “Billionaire Cab Driver: Timeless Lessons for Financial Success.” He told Knowles it’s crucial that people program their minds with positive thoughts.

“Most people don’t understand that they have a lot of control over what occurs in the future by what they’re thinking today,” he said.

Tallal explained that although the subconscious mind is physically much larger than the conscious mind, the latter has the ability to control what goes on in the former.

“Like a general in an army, the conscious mind is the general, and you can plant seeds in your subconscious mind consciously, and then the subconscious mind goes to work on making those things materialize,” he said. “And it’s kind of an interesting process, because if you lay your goals out properly as is described in the book, then all of a sudden you have those visualized, you have those very well understood, and if you kind of place them properly, the subconscious mind is going to go to work.”

Want to learn how to achieve all of your financial goals? You can do it – with help from “Billionaire Cab Driver,” available now in the WND Superstore.

Tallal pointed out every person is constantly having a conversation with him or herself in the back of his or her mind. He recommends people stop and listen in on that conversation every now and then – they will be amazed to realize that internal conversation has a huge influence on what they do. So if the internal conversation is full of doubts, fears and pessimism, it will stop people from achieving their goals.

“If you start examining these kinds of conversations you’re having with yourself, you’ll see that your future is kind of manifesting in exactly what you’re thinking about now,” he said. “So if you’re thinking, ‘I can’t do that; it’s never going to get better for me; I’m just in my plight in life, etc.,’ guess what? You are and will be. When you change that conversation, it will change with it. It has no option but to change. It won’t change tomorrow, but if you plant properly, your field, when it’s planted and watered, will produce.”

Visualizing goals and programming the mind are techniques that can help achieve objectives in almost any area of life, but Tallal’s specialty is personal finance. He has served as a personal financial manager to several wealthy professionals, and he developed a course to train medical professionals at Baylor Medical School, University of Tennessee Health Sciences and Tulane Medical School on how to manage their money.

His book, “Billionaire Cab Driver,” takes a topic that Tallal admits is “dry” and attempts to make it interesting and easy to understand by wrapping the advice in a parable. The book is written from the perspective of a fictional journalist who wins the right to spend a day with a cab driver who became worth over $20 billion. The billionaire cab driver shares his life story and the secrets of his financial success with the journalist.

Tallal told Knowles his book teaches people how to figure out the monthly price tag of any long-term financial goal, such as saving for college or retirement. He said people generally feel intimidated by the thought of saving for retirement, which is why it helps to break it into monthly payments, like a home mortgage.

He gave an example to illustrate how a daunting challenge can be made to seem manageable.

“If I wanted to have $750,000 in 30 years of retirement, that’s a pretty awesome thought, but how do I get there?” Tallal asked rhetorically. “Even if I know that I need that in 30 years and I know it’s $750,000, how do I get that? Well, for most of us, we just sit there and think about it, because we don’t know.

“But if we were to figure out – let’s assume I can make 10 percent on my investments, just as an assumption, in the stock market – I’m a long-term investor, I’m going for growth, that’s what my goal is – then in the process of 30 years, if I were to invest just $4,500 a year – that’s $400 a month – then that will be $750,000. Now a minute ago it was beyond reach, couldn’t think about it, couldn’t deal with it. Now it’s $400. That’s a car payment. I can now make a choice: Do I want a new car or do I want my retirement? That’s what it becomes.”

Want to learn how to achieve all of your financial goals? You can do it – with help from “Billionaire Cab Driver,” available now in the WND Superstore.

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