Maybe you can help me. I’m trying to remember when it was that President Trump held a gun to the head of Kathy Griffin and forced her to frighten his child and humiliate herself. Does anyone recall exactly when that happened? Because in the absence of that taking place Griffin needs to shut up, except to admit that she cut her own throat in a foolish attempt to attack the president.

Neither President Trump nor the American people needed Griffin to reinforce what he already knew: that she is a miserable, ugly human being of the lowest most common order – a fact also reinforced by those who are defending her, namely Jamie Foxx, Alec Baldwin and Jim Carey. But I digress.

Griffin and Hillary Clinton are of the sisterhood of whiners and blamers. They both sabotaged their careers and now blame others for the consequences of their actions.

This untalented wretch is emblematic of wannabe tough liberal radical feminist women. They are tough as long as they are bullying and insulting others to the cheers of those like them; but when they find themselves confronted with the ramifications of their demonic insolence, they whine, cry and blame others.

Griffin spent the past days blaming President Trump for her fall from grace. She, with her attorney, accused him and his family of ganging up on her and deliberately ruining her career. She even got misty-eyed as she claimed President Trump “broke her.”

She and the Clinton woman are pariahs of their own making. No one forced Griffin to do what she did. She thought she was clever and above ridicule for her actions. She, like her Hollywood counterparts and Clinton, believed themselves to be above condemnation – and when they are administered a healthy measure of same they shed crocodile tears and whip out the victim card.

How pathetic that Griffin, like Clinton, is portraying herself as a victim because she is a woman. Griffin claimed she was held to a different standard because she is a woman and that she is being persecuted because she is a woman.

I love it when these supposedly tough, empowered, liberal, hormonally challenged termagants immediately run for the Kleenex and camera, crying that they are the victims. If this is what liberal feminism has reduced women to, I submit they should rethink radical feminism. In fact, I submit they should rethink feminism in toto.

Neither the president nor his family sabotaged Griffin’s career. She did it herself, because like Clinton and the “Dixie Chicks” before her, she believed herself above we ordinary Americans. She believed her elitism shielded her from ridicule.

We the People are tired of her kind spitting on our country as they amass great wealth. We are tired of her kind mocking those we respect. And we are making her and those like her aware of our offense when they cross the line.

Griffin’s actions toward the president may be marginally more definable as free speech than yelling fire in a crowded theater, but just as there are ramifications for the latter, so, too, are we teaching her kind there are harsh consequences for behavior we see as going to far.

What she did was tantamount to telephoning the president’s young son and saying his father had just been killed. In the age of ISIS and rabid Muslim terrorists, there is nothing funny about jokes about beheadings.

Griffin’s ignorant behavior was thoughtless and selfish. She obviously gave no thought for the wife of the late Danny Pearl, journalist for the Wall Street Journal. Muslims in Pakistan beheaded Pearl in 2002, but I guarantee the horror of his death is as real today as it was when his wife saw savages playing catch with his severed head. Griffin gave no thought to families and friends of countless others beheaded by Muslim savages pretending to be religious.

She is as bad as the filth hiding behind a burqa and hijab shouting allahu akbar. She is a reprobate heathen, and she deserves the wrath/scorn she has received and is receiving.

Apparently, like the Clinton woman, Griffin is incapable of accepting that she alone is responsible for the consequences of her actions. Her kind are the people who are constantly trying to drive sponsors away from conservative TV programming. This is where I say: “Those chickens have come home to roost, and the droppings from them that are covering her are of her own making.”

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