I only have one beef about President Trump’s tweeting about “Morning Joe” Scarborough and his latest fiancee, Mika Brzezinski.

And that would be this: “Stop punching down!” These people were irrelevant until you attacked them. I don’t care that you attacked them. They deserve to be attacked – but not by you. Because when you attack them, it helps them. Now the Trump-haters know where to go. Why was that necessary? Aren’t there much bigger fish to fry, so to speak?

Come to think of it, maybe that’s not my only beef, after all. I also think you misfired when you called their show “fake news.” The show is not “fake news.” It’s non-news. It’s entertainment for Trump haters. It has nothing to do with news or truth – never has, never will.

And then there’s this one: You tweeted that you no longer watch the stupid show. May I ask why you ever did? What was it – ever – about this show and these people that attracted you? It mystifies me. They both represent poison in the media food chain – always have, always will.

But mainly I have to say it is undignified for you to be mixing it up with these folks. You have plenty of friends out there, even in the media, who would love to get even ONE TWEET shot their way. (I am not talking about myself here. I’ve actually been a gracious recipient once or twice.) Do you know what I mean? The worst thing you could do for the future Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough is say something nice about them. Their show might be off the air the next day! Ever think of that?

That works in reverse, too, by the way. The first time I hear that pair singing your praises, I’m going to start worrying about you. That’s why your supporters like me don’t believe you would try to blackmail two media non-entities into positive coverage by blackmailing them with a National Enquirer story.

“Morning Joe” says he’s got the proof this happened. Let’s see it.

I get, Mr. President, that you like to tweet. But why tweet about twits? Why not use your Twitter account to go after George Soros? Expose some real bad guys! Tell the world what this powerful, wealthy crook is doing to abolish nation-states. Wouldn’t that be fun? Why don’t you engage him in a public debate? You, in favor of national sovereignty for the U.S., and let him take the position in favor of world government – and see who wins. Now that would be fun, constructive and meaningful. I’d tune in for that one.

The worst anyone can say about the “Morning Joe” pair is that they are annoying, ill-informed, one of them is inarticulate (I’ll leave that descriptive for everyone to figure out on their own), obnoxious, wannabees, untalented, unentertaining, know-nothings and beneath your attention. Have I forgotten anything? Not only are they beneath you, they are beneath Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and your entire media team.

So why are you diving into the slime to mud wrestle with them? They’re loving it. You’re making them famous. It makes no sense.

Of course, I have underestimated you in the past. Maybe there’s something I don’t know about all this. Maybe you really, really like them – and you’re just pretending to dislike them intensely. Could that be it? If you really dislike them, never mention their names again. They will quickly fade back into irrelevancy. They will bait you to punch them again and again, but you need to dismiss any temptation to listen, care or take notice. Does that make sense? Do you understand what I am saying?

Scarborough is also an egomaniac. He made this silly comment while ripping you up as mentally unstable and a danger to the country: “If you don’t like our show, and if you care about what’s best for America, turn us off.” In other words, he’s smugly suggesting that if you don’t like his show, you don’t care about what’s best for America.

I very much care about what’s best for America, and that’s one of dozens of reasons I have never even been tempted to listen to his show except when am compelled to do so to write a column like this!

Look, Mr. President, I know there was a time when you got along with everyone. Then you decided to run for president. It will never be like it was before when everyone loved you because you were fun, wealthy and entertaining. Maybe someday when your presidency is over and the country is clearly better off for your leadership. But not now. Not this year, next year, not the year after that.

It might take eight years of undeniable progress and prosperity.

And that’s what I want to see you focus your attention upon.

Don’t be distracted – even in the short time it takes you to post one more tweet.

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