Muslim invasion – and the crazy Europeans who invited them

By Mason Weaver

Another terrorist attack in Europe. Is anyone really surprised?

You invite millions of military-aged men from the Middle East, basically unvetted, and you are surprised that they act like military-aged men from the Middle East?

I wrote the book “Tribalism” to explain how the black community supports people who hate them. Looks like I need to write one for the Europeans.

I am tired of the surprise, shock and dismay displayed after every one of these attacks. What did they expect from this invasion? Did the Europeans really expect peace and prosperity from a culture that has not contributed anything to civilization except piracy, invasion, beheading and death? What contribution to civilization came out of the Middle East? What would you expect from inviting them into your nation?

So, once again we have the teddy-bear memorials, the candlelight vigils and the calls for solidarity. Once again, we see the “post-attack” police raids as authorities round up suspects. Once again, we see thousands of flowers on walls and piles of sympathy cards. Once again, we learn the police “had them on our radar,” were warned about them and knew they were dangerous. I am tired of it.

I am tired of being told this is the new norm, it’s not all Muslims and Christians do terrible things also. I am tired of the ignorant, blinded response from politicians trying to quell our fears. I want the politicians to put fear into terrorists.

There is a reason we choose not to live in certain neighborhoods. We fear the people living there. We don’t fear all of the people living there, just the bad, crazy, aggressive ones. We don’t want to hear that “not everyone there robs and steals.” We still do not want to live there, or stop for gas, or visit a restaurant there. Because we know some there cannot be trusted. I don’t go to certain neighborhoods, and I certainly don’t want certain neighborhoods coming to live with me.

I don’t want to hear about the good Muslims. I should not need to be told about the good Muslims. If the good Muslims were that good, wouldn’t I be hearing their calls of outrage? Wouldn’t I be seeing them protest and speak out against their brothers?

The mayor of London is supposed to be a “good” Muslim, but President Trump had to call him out for his reaction to the last murderous onslaught. Instead of calling for calm and patience, he should have been outraged. Saying the police presence should keep everyone calm was patronizing. Calling the attacks barbaric and cowardly was to be expected, but not nearly enough.

The mayor should have kicked over the podium, raised his fist in the air and shouted a defiant denouncement of the attack. He should have declared it was a disgusting bastardization of his religious belief and that he would not tolerate it. The mayor should have addressed the immigration policies that resulted in the dangers in his city.

So I will grab a bowl of popcorn and watch the reality show called the “Muslim Invasion of Europe” and the crazy Europeans who invited them. Your children will be murdered, your freedoms will be controlled, your women will be assaulted and your culture will be destroyed. But, you will have fairness, open-mindedness and a sense of compassion for your common man.

Paris is no longer Paris, London is no longer London and most of Europe cannot recognize itself from five years ago. Europeans just surrendered, without a whimper or a fight. With no protest, they eagerly invited folks in who have been their enemies for thousands of years.

What happened to the Vikings, Roman Legions or the Crusaders? They, whose ancestors took no mess, are allowing others to make a mess of their country. If raping their women in the streets will not enrage the men, if killing their children on their own streets will not have them in those streets protesting, if seeing politicians telling them not to fear will not awaken them, what on God’s earth will?

If you are watching your citizens being slaughtered on your bridges, festivals and night clubs and you want to invite more of the assailants into your country, check what they are putting into your water supply. This is not European, this is not even human.

Europeans influenced the world and injected their languages and lifestyles deep into the culture on every nation on this planet. Europeans’ history, language, beliefs and their God are reflected in the leadership across this planet. To see them surrender to a culture that has contributed nothing to anyone is perplexing.

If Europe wakes up, the world will shudder. If Europe doesn’t wake up, the world may go into slavery.

I understand that we have a similar problem in America and in our hemisphere, but it is Europe that is facing the full assault. We cannot rescue it like we did in World War I and World War II.

The people of Europe must decide if their culture and civilization is worth fighting for. The United States cannot defend them more than they defend themselves. We cannot love their citizens, love their cities and love their freedoms more than they do. Europeans should not wait on America to send her children to die simply because they don’t want to keep their children from dying in their own streets.

We have done enough for Europe. There are only two kinds of European nations: the kind whose butts we have kicked and the kind whose butts we have saved. Now Europe must decide if it is going to get its butt kicked again or save itself. If Europeans don’t think they should fight for their freedom, we certainly should not fight for their freedom.

I’ve got my popcorn ready, this is going to be good.


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