A new warning has been issued for the pornographic content, including “group, anal, public, and BDSM sex,” of a popular online resource that many schools make available to their students.

The company, EBSCO Information Services, was in the news last winter when WND reported a case in a Colorado school district.

There, parents found EBSCO provided a portal to pornography, and the company soon was placed on the “2017 Dirty Dozen List” by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, NCOSE.

The resource gave students access to sites that “normalize sexual violence, such as a link to a story depicting the rape of a woman using the barrel of a gun, as well as sites that normalize risky sexual behaviors such as public, anal and group sex,” NCOSE said.

Dawn Hawkins, NCOSE’s executive director, said at the time that EBSCO admitted the problem and was trying to address it. But in the meantime, she said, the company would remain on her organization’s “Dirty Dozen” list until “improvements have been implemented system-wide and verified.”

This week, the NCOSE renewed its alert because while EBSCO “has worked with NCOSE to clean up their systems, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation uncovered ongoing systemic problems this week that should concern all parents.”

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The problem is the company’s online library database subscription for K-12 schools, NCOSE said.

“Children have been exposed to pornographic and sexually graphic content in public and private schools providing EBSCO services,” said Hawkins. “This company markets itself as providing curriculum-appropriate educational resources, and so it is trusted by parents and teachers, but we’ve found its databases contain graphic results for elementary, middle, and high school users regarding pornography, as well as group, anal, public and BDSM sex.”

The problems have been the focus of communications between EBSCO and NCOSE for several months.

The company did implement “positives changes like removing certain publications and fixing some publisher settings.”

However, NCOSE said “the problems are so widespread within the company’s systems that much more work is needed until the parents of America will be satisfied that their children can be free of sexually explicit material on schools-based educational databases.”

“Just this week, researchers from the National Center found 50 sexually graphic articles in 50 minutes and many of them from databases intended for middle and elementary school children,” Hawkins said. “What parent can be satisfied with that?”

“Parents and schools need to know that EBSCO systems are free from sexually exploitive materials or they will discontinue using EBSCO products,” the organization reported.

The Colorado complaint was brought by parents at the suburban Cherry Creek School District near Denver.

WND reported in January that parents of a middle-school student there charged that the district’s sex-ed program allows students to access pornographic content and images from an educational company’s website while blocking parents from examining the objectionable material.

The parents enlisted the help of an activist group in Massachusetts to address their concerns.

The district called the claim nonsense, citing the opinion of the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center, which slammed the activist organization, MassResistance, as an “anti-gay hate group.” It’s the same SPLC that called Dr. Ben Carson a “hater” for his views on traditional marriage. SPLC also was linked to domestic terror several years ago when a man convicted of attempted mass murder confessed he used the organization’s list of “anti-gay hate groups” to pick a target, the Family Research Council, based on SPLC’s “hate” label.

The sex-ed dispute arose when the parents, whose names WND is withholding so their child in the district’s Fox Ridge Middle School is not identified, stumbled upon the pornographic material when they were checking their child’s password access.

Many of the discussion materials and images are not suitable for reproduction by WND, but MassResistance, a pro-family group that has been particularly active in school issues for many years, posted some of it on its website.

The information available to students includes “How to have oral sex,” “How to have anal sex” and “How to have vaginal sex.”

MassResistance said in a report: “We’ve often reported on the dramatic influx of ‘comprehensive sex-ed’ into schools across the country in recent years despite vocal outrage by parents. The graphic sexual content and LGBT tips that schools are pushing at students has been very disturbing for some time now, and is getting much worse.”

The group said children attending middle schools in the Cherry Creek School District “are now being given access to extremely graphic sexual and homosexual pornography, material encouraging them to become sexually and homosexually active, descriptions of ‘sex toys,’ and much more.”

MassResistance founder Brian Camenker confirmed he was independently able to reproduce the results uncovered by the Cherry Creek parents.

He said that when the parents “presented samples of the pornography and other explicit sexual material found on the students’ portal to school officials and board members … the officials did not deny that that it is being made available to the middle school students.”

“They simply do not see a problem with it.”

See the full online report from MassResistance (Be warned that it contains explicit references, images.)

And school officials charged that the parents were “breaking school policy” by using their child’s password instead of one designated for parents.

Among the materials that were accessed was a “gay” book described as “Alexander’s big night out at a gay bar leads to hot, but complicated encounter.”

An excerpt from a “short story” also was accessed: “The man f—– like the broken light, ramming his personality through a defective wire. The boy moved with him, the outer world going dim as huge pictures bloomed inside his head. He moved back and forth as he condensed these pictures into a fine point of feeling, sweet as the highest, purest song.”

Camenker’s report said the material include subjects such as “Ideas for erotic sex,” “Explicit sexuality information,” “Homosexual and transgender sex information,” “Graphic homosexual short stories” and “BDSM – bondage and sexual sadomasochism.”

One accessed article was called “Orgasms for All.” A lesson instructs, “So lock the door, grab a hand mirror, and let’s inspect your ittiest bits.”

An interactive page instructs: “Arrange the steps required to apply a condom by clicking and dragging each condom in its right position.”

A graphic says: “you could … suck, kiss, touch, bite, fondle, nibble, squeeze, and lick someone’s … kiss for a long time, using lots of tongue … have sex in front of mirrors … get into role play (for instance, tie someone up) … look at sexy pictures and videos … talk dirty … strip down … shower together.”

Yet another instruction talks about exhibitionism: “We’re talking all types. Flashing, sex in a public place, sex in a private place with open drapes, wearing a skirt but no underwear. (Um, meaning her. Generally.) ‘The thrill of being viewed has a lot to do with getting attention,’ says Queen. ‘For women, it’s a sort of centering experience that makes them realize they have attractiveness and erotic energy, even if they don’t look like Lindsey Lohan.”

‘Committed to the best education’

Previously, district spokesman Tustin Amole told WND the district instructs students not to follow inappropriate links, because it would be “a violation of the Network Resource Acceptable User Waiver.”

Asked whether objectionable material is available to students, Amole referred to a district statement: “The following is our statement regarding the information posted on the Mass Resistance website, which has been identified as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“The Cherry Creek School District is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities to all students using the best resources available. No sexually explicit or inappropriate content exists on any Cherry Creek School District website. Our filters block all attempts to access such content by students and staff while using the district network. For students to have access to the district’s network and resources, parents must read and agree to our Internet and Network Resource Acceptable User Waiver.”

See what American education has become, in “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.”


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