Isn’t the mind of a liberal an amazing thing to behold?

A few disturbed people or criminals use guns for violence and our left-leaning friends want to outlaw all guns. But a few disturbed people and terrorist criminals use Islam for violence and terror, and these same left-leaning friends not only want to protect potential Islamic terrorist immigrants but embrace and welcome more into our country? Maybe there should be at least the same background check on all immigrants as there is on a gun owner.

Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton appear to be prime examples of the left’s victimhood ideology taken to a nauseous level and soulmates in their loss grief – Griffin for her own bad choices, and Clinton for hers. But wait, it not their fault; it’s President Trump, Steve Bannon and the Russians who are causing all their personal loss and failures, and the media are going to make sure these two are allowed to get the word out to protect all of us from the dark sinister forces brought into play by Trump and Bannon. Give me a break! The left and the mainstream media have become cartoon characters and appear to have lost their minds!

These two poster children of the the vast right-wing conspiracy to destroy “successful, powerful” women liberals need to shut up and disappear into the urinal of history, where they have shown they truly belong. The rest of us need to bend a knee and thank God for the bullet we all dodged in that a Clinton was not elected and that soon both will be out of the public eye from their own self-inflicted damage or from shame, if they had any.

One more small step for making America great again!

Mr. Joe in Texas

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