Peter Alexandrovich, who now lives in Denver, was born to Ukranian parents who spent time in Soviet and German work camps. He learned to detect totalitarian ideologies and sees Islam as the greatest threat to freedom in America.

Peter Alexandrovich of Denver was born to Ukranian parents who spent time in Soviet and German work camps. He learned to detect totalitarian ideologies and sees Islam as the greatest threat to freedom in America.

Peter Alexandrovich doesn’t take freedom for granted, and as the son of World War II refugees who spent time in both Russian and German prison camps, he can’t understand why most Americans do.

His father survived six years in Joseph Stalin’s gulag, only to be freed and then get swept up by Hitler’s invading army, which sent him to a Nazi prison camp. One good thing came out of the Nazi camp – it was there in which his father met a fellow Ukrainian who would become his wife.

Peter grew up hearing his father’s stories about beatings and hardships of prisoners who couldn’t keep pace with the brutal demands of the labor camps, chopping timber in the frozen Siberian forests.

Alexandrovich’s parents emigrated to Australia in 1950, then to America in 1960, when he was 10 years old.

“They met in Germany during the war, but after the war the Germans hated the Ukrainians and so my parents were able to get to Australia and worked for the railroad there before eventually coming to America,” said Alexandrovich, who lives in Denver.

He went to college and became an ecologist, studying birds of prey and their habitats. But he never forgot the horror stories told by his parents and how lucky he was to be living in America.

Fast-forward a few decades and Alexandrovich, now 67, started getting worried.

After the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, he started noticing Islam was gaining a foothold in his home state of Colorado, and he started studying up on the ideology. What he learned from history didn’t match what he was hearing from politicians like George W. Bush, who assured his fellow Americans Islam was a “religion of peace.”

But what really triggered his activism was a comment he heard from Prince Charles of Wales.

The good prince, in June 2010, urged the world to “follow Islamic spiritual principles to save the world.”

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Charles was speaking specifically about the environment, which just happens to be Alexandrovich’s specific area of expertise.

“I’ve been involved in environmental issues for a very long time,” Alexandrovich said. “When I started reading what Prince Charles had to say about the brilliance of Islam and how those dictates would improve the world as we know it, improve the environment, you know I just absolutely was shocked by the idiocy that the West is showing, not only in dealing with things like global warming and climate change but also the insanity of stating publicly that this was a grand thing to do to improve the environment, when in fact the Muslims have a history of doing nothing but pillaging the environment in a variety of fashions.”

He said he simply could not remain silent, even as the majority of his follow Americans seemed oblivious to the dangers of a reawakened global Islamic movement.

“Watching America go to sleep after what my father and mother had gone through, I could not shut up,” he said. “And when you look at the Shariah law they have a great deal of similarities between the Soviet gulag and the Islamic gulag.”

Both the Marxist left and the Islamists seek to systematically punish anyone who questions their totalitarian belief system, he said. There is zero tolerance within Sharia for dissent.

In Canada and in the United Kingdom, anyone who speaks critically of Islam is barred from entering the country, while in Germany the government is arresting its own citizens for posting comments on Facebook deemed too “anti-Islam.”

Free speech advocates like Pamela Geller are barred from entering England, while imams preaching hate against Jews and Christians in the name of Muhammad are welcomed.

This intolerance for dissenting opinions is now making its way to the U.S. The riots at Berkeley earlier this year prevented conservative speakers from delivering their message on campus.

WND reported last week the city of Minneapolis launched a new hate-speech “hotline,” encouraging citizens to snitch on family and friends who they suspect of publicly making xenophobic, racist or anti-Muslim “decisions or actions.”

Entering the ‘Sharia-free zone’

Alexandrovich needed an outlet to get the message out about the dangers of Shariah, aided and abetted by hardcore leftists.

He came up with an idea that he hoped would sweep the nation and make a statement to anyone who even contemplated that Islamic law might one day supersede American constitutional law.

He envisioned tens of thousands of people wearing white t-shirts with a map of the USA and the words “Sharia-Free Zone” emblazoned across the front. He dreamed of crowds of people gathered outside of state Capitols wearing the shirts. He could see them gathered at congressional town hall meetings and in city council chambers.

“My vision is to have enough of our shirts on enough people to surround every state Capitol in a Sharia Free Zone flash ceremony: circles of Sharia Free Zoners around each federal and state courthouse, mosque, and any other center of political power,” he writes on his website.

It would be like a silent coup, taking America back from the political elites who sold out to a politically correct globalist agenda.

His description of his mission continues on his website as follows:

“The assembly of Sharia-Free Zoners should be as quiet and as orderly as possible. Use the examples set by tea party gatherings. Let each shirt speak for you. Let the politicians feel your deafening silence. Let the politically correct press have nothing but thousands of Sharia-Free Zones blinding their cameras. Nothing needs to be said in any Sharia-Free Zone ceremony. Just point to our logo and stand together. Each of us is a cell of Sharia resistance. The Silent Majority will be seen. Do you have what it takes to put on a shirt and come out of the closet? Or, are you just another one of those ‘good people’ who do nothing?”

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He printed up hundreds of t-shirts and expected he would need thousands very soon.

‘Americans are terrified’ of speaking out

But what he found out about Americans surprised him.

Very few wanted to buy his t-shirt, and it was difficult to find an outlet that would even advertise his shirts.

“Americans need to wake up and I’m not seeing a lot of that going on right now,” he said. “When I came out with the shirt, I thought people would flock to it and be proud to wear it, but what I found out was people were terrified of saying ANYTHING about Islam.”

“So I’m just doing my part of the battle and trying to get people to make a very silent, visible statement when they go out, and I’m finding it much harder than I thought it would be,” he added.

He admits he should not have been surprised. History shows most empires fail from within.

“The barbarians have been at the gates of this country for many years and now they are inside the gates doing things like female genital mutilation, jihad attacks, they’re establishing sharia courts in the U.K. and probably here, we’ve had honor killings here in America, and nobody says anything,” he said.

His upbringing by parents who saw close up what radical socialists are capable of, has left him with a sixth sense, he says, where he can detect similar traits in his fellow man.

“Whether it’s from spiritual conveyance or osmosis, I learned things from my mother and father,” he said. “Whether it’s a genetic thing, I don’t know, but I can smell and taste a person’s predilection toward totalitarian ideology within a few minutes of a discussion, and I’ve been watching this country slide into the abyss and literally I think we have already gone over the edge.”

America as a whole has become “lazy,” he said.

“America has become complacent and basically given up on the gifts that were given to it by our Founding Fathers, back in the days of forming the Constitution,” he said. “Shariah offers nothing that will give even the option of complying with our Constitution.”

He said the Minneapolis program to set up a hate-speech snitch line should have resulted in the city being hauled to court on June 20. It’s that big of a deal, he said, or a major U.S. city to be telling its citizens to turn in their neighbors for uttering speech deemed forbidden by the state. Yet, WND was the only national news agency to report on it and nothing is being done to challenge it.

“Most of the American political class has long gone over to a very different approach as far as what government is all about,” Alexandrovich said. “And the few that are left who will be vocal, most of them won’t put on my shirt, they’re scared to death, and most think ‘oh this can’t happen here in America,’ and yet it’s right in front of them, it’s knocking at the door. It sounds like a duck, acts like a duck, eats like a duck …but oh no, no, no it’s not a duck.”

Constitution is the best natural barrier to Shariah

As an ecologist, Alexandrovich looks at everything from a biological point of view. He says the U.S. Constitution is ‘biomimetic,” meaning something that is man-made which mimics organic structures in nature.

“Here in Colorado, those of the liberal bent like to talk about creating gun-free zones,” he said. “They say this is the way to get rid of gun violence and all that is associated with people who carry guns. Well, it achieves the exact opposite. If you remove the right to self-defense, it’s like you remove the natural immune system that is present in every organism, those systems designed to eradicate and get rid of every invasion by a dangerous bacteria. Our Constitution is a biomimetic document, it’s a brilliant document.”

Neither Canada nor the United Kingdom have this kind of Constitutional protection. But even this document cannot protect America if judges and politicians refuse to abide by it and schools don’t teach students to respect it.

“All of this got me thinking when I read the idiocy of Prince Charles. Everywhere you look where the British colonized, they’ve left behind disaster,” Alexandrovich said.

And the biggest disaster is the Middle East, which is now being depopulated while its inhabitants spread throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. as “refugees.”

“I get frustrated, and everyone tells me I’m too political but it’s like, folks, this is creeping up to your front door.”

He said he attended the Western Conservative Summit last July in Colorado, and found conservatives often lack courage.

“It’s a big gathering, and last year Donald Trump showed up, and I’d been handing out fliers to promote the whole ‘Sharia-free zone’ concept. I received some very good responses, but I had not one order from those people,” he said. “I find most of them are invertebrates, to use another biological term.”

In the natural world, fear can lead to a quick death.

“Islam scares everybody. A predator can sense fear in its prey. It’s a very biological response,” he said. “Most Muslims come from countries where the culture is dominated by often warring  tribes all cobbled together under the bizarre notion of their Quran, which is Shariah. And in their culture the person who gets things done is the strong man, the warrior. It’s a warrior’s code, and it hides behind being a religion of peace. And anyone who disagrees and says it’s not a religion of peace is an ‘Islamophobe.’ It’s brilliant marketing.”

Unless more Americans wake up, he said the country will eventually devolved into chaos and take on the same characteristics of the Middle East.

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