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Watch Shariah-compliant Manhattan in action

WASHINGTON – What happens when a young woman in New York City tries to make the point: “There’s no such thing as an Islamic feminist.”

Guerilla filmmaker Laura Loomer finds herself accosted by two men and harassed by Manhattan feminists as she illustrates her point by draping the “Fearless Girl” statue with a burqa.

“I wanted to show people that Islam and feminism are incompatible,” she said. “While doing so, I was assaulted by two men and harassed by female onlookers.”

The “Fearless Girl” statue, a bronze sculpture of a young girl with her hands on her hips, standing defiantly in front of Wall Street’s Charging Bull was placed on Wall Street earlier this year to celebrate International Women’s Day.

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It was meant to be displayed for a week, but an online petition with 40,000 signatures seems to have made it a permanent fixture across from the charging bull.

Artist Arturo Di Modica, the sculptor who created the famous Charging Bull statue that has stood in Manhattan’s Financial District since 1989, protested the new statue, saying it diminishes the integrity of the bull.

Di Modica says bull was supposed to be a symbol of a booming economy, but the presence of Fearless Girl brings his sculpture into the protest regarding gender diversity in the finance world. Others have pointed out the potentially problematic narrative of pitting women against a symbol of the American economy, while some women in finance say that they’re conflicted because they’ve always considered the bull inspiring in its own right.