Tucker Carlson interviews Miami mayor Philip Levine

Tucker Carlson interviews Miami mayor Philip Levine

By Joe Wilson

WASHINGTON – In the aftermath of President Trump’s announcement Thursday afternoon that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate-change accord, a fierce debate has raged between globalist climate-change activists and American economic pragmatists over whether the decision is right for America and for the world at large.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson welcomed Phillip Levine, mayor of Miami Beach, Florida, to his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to try to understand why many liberals support the Paris accord so staunchly. Leading into the interview, Carlson reviewed some of the facts about the accord.

“Under the Paris agreements, rich nations like the United States agree to send $100 billion to poorer countries every year starting in 2020, to aid with their transition to green energy. President Obama pledged $3 billion to this fund,” Carlson reported.

America’s economic competitors, on the other hand, are off the hook for the fund.

“China, meanwhile, has not pledged a cent, the world’s biggest polluter,” Carlson stated. “In fact, China is likely to receive some of this money. Keep in mind that the Chinese economy is predicted to overtake our economy in less than a year from right now.”

In addition, Carlson cited the high energy prices in Europe as a warning of where the U.S. could end up if it complied with the Paris accord.

“If you want to know how all of this might end, look across the Atlantic,” Carlson said. “European electricity, and some people actually care what it costs, costs three times as much there as it does here, and the prices are rising faster there as well.

“Americans would pay more for gas, more for electricity, more in taxes, all in the name of meeting obligations that other countries don’t have to meet.”

Not only that, Carlson said, but “even supporters of the agreement concede, the ones who actually know what’s in it, that it won’t come close to stopping global warming, even if everyone abided by the terms.”

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Carlson asked Levine: “You’re concerned about rising sea levels, I’m not here to argue that’s not a concern, or the details of climate science. … I’m just wondering how this specific agreement, sending $3 billion a year to countries like India and China, who don’t have to lower their emissions rates, is going to fix the global warming problem in Miami Beach.”

Levine responded with a discussion about Miami Beach’s specific response to global warming in his time as mayor and a reference to the “scientific consensus” on global warming.

But that wasn’t what Carlson wanted to talk about.

“You’re actually dodging my question completely, and I’m not denying the existence of sea-level rise. I’m merely asking a very specific policy question because this is about policies. How will the terms of the Paris Agreement … help what’s going on in Miami Beach, the things you just described?” he asked.

“As the world is getting too hot, too warm, the oceans are rising, and that’s affecting Miami Beach,” Levine responded.

“I can’t let you dodge it again. I’m asking about a very specific agreement that you and everyone else on the left is beating their chests about.” Carlson shot back. “Tell me how that specific agreement and the financial arrangements in it will help the process you describe.”

“I’m going to tell you why,” said Levine. “The bottom line is that rising oceans are not Republican and they’re not Democrat. So what does an agreement do? An agreement puts the world together as one, in an alignment. We have a problem, let’s work together and solve the problem.”

Levine then went on to again paint Carlson as a climate-change denier, saying: “Let’s just suppose that they’re right. If they are, maybe it’s a good idea if we do something about it.”

Carlson would have none of it.

“You’re describing religious faith,” he said. “You’re saying I don’t have to bother to learn any of the details about a very specific agreement that we’re all mad about today because there are some people whose names I don’t know who think it’s a good idea.”

Levine tried another tack: “Almost every mayor in America now has come together and said we are going to adhere to the protocols.”

“Oh, all the kids are doing it, is that the argument? Other people are doing it, therefore it’s a good idea?” Carlson asked incredulously. “You’re making me more nervous than I was when this segment began.”

In agreement with Carlson is Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., author of “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” “The Paris Climate Agreement is nothing but empty promises,” Inhofe said in a statement Thursday. “Looking back at the outcome of the Kyoto Protocol, we know that the Paris Agreement was doomed to fail.”

The Kyoto Protocol, signed in 1997 but never ratified by the U.S. Senate, tried to set internationally binding emission-reduction targets. Thirty-seven countries had binding goals, but only 21 met them, and most of those were very low-polluting countries such as Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Sen. Inhofe exposes how the agenda of global-warming alarmism is trying to rob America of its freedom, independence and prosperity. Don’t miss “The Greatest Hoax.” Now available in the WND Superstore.

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