The Republicans, and most normal, working people in the world have concerns. They want tax cuts, a thriving economy, national security, and they want the failed Obamacare repealed.

The left is wholly unconcerned about any of that. It will name its issues as equality (a.k.a. socialism), environmentalism (a.k.a another excuse to implement socialism) and Russia (hello? Just one piece of evidence, please?).

Leftists want to torment Trump until he resigns, is impeached or – let’s just be honest about it –they wouldn’t shed a tear and might even celebrate if he died. They are the bullies on the playground shouting, “Russia! Comey! Russia! Comey!”

So why aren’t they having any success? Why can’t they fill a stadium with activists, like the president can? Why can’t they win a special Senate or House election? Why isn’t their torment taken seriously?

  • This president is an executive. He is used to juggling many items at once, with fires to put out on every front, and he knows how to stay focused through it.
  • They have yelled, “Chicken Little! The sky is falling!” so many times that the American public is having scandal fatigue. Every time they scream “collusion!” or “obstruction!” the American people roll their collective eyes and go back to their jobs, their families, and planning their summer vacation with the extra dollars starting to land in their wallets as this president continues to execute his plan to Make America Great Again.
  • They aren’t real. There’s the ghost under your bed, the boogeyman in your closet and the zombie walking the dark alleys at night. And then there is the leftist activist. If George Soros stopped paying them to show up, to tweet, to vote and to spout narrative into microphones on fake news shows, it would be like that moment when you walk out of the theater and realize the zombies were never actually real.

Fantasies on the right that they will stop attacking are just as imaginary. They won’t. They can’t. They have no other skills.

The attacks will continue every day until the end of Trump’s presidency.

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This president has turned the beltway and the media over like you roll over an attacking honey badger to expose its fluffy underbelly. All they know to do while they lay there on their backs is growl and complain.

I recently talked about the continued media attacks on Hannity:

The left’s entire existence has always been predicated upon its deal making and power brokering. Leftists don’t know how to do honest work and be accountable to the American voters. They don’t trust their own ideas, they can’t name their own values, and they have no confidence in their own ability to succeed if the establishment power grid is cut. And Trump has some big scissors!

I believe the Trump base is emboldened as he battles back at the leftist attackers. Some on the right have said they wish he wouldn’t respond at all, especially via Twitter. I disagree, and I explained why on Fox Business:

I am reminded of my old cheerleading days when I watch the juvenile tactics of the left, and their unrelenting screeching that the sky is really falling.

“When they say ___, we say ___ …”

Remember that cheer from your high-school days? It’s still so applicable when dealing with snowflakes and Peter Pan progressives who refuse to grow up.

When they say Russia, we say it was Hillary who cut her deal to sell uranium to Russia and pad the pockets of the Clinton Foundation. It was Obama who promised in a hot-mic-moment to lay down for the Russians after his re-election. It was the Obama administration that was supposed to protect our election systems from attacks in the last election. Russia is a Democrat problem.

When they say sexist, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc., we say our Constitution handles all of that. The Dems and their identity politics have only fomented hate and violence, and we are in the business of fixing that.

When they say environment, we say weather. Their own fatalistic theories have been destroyed, one by one, and their silly Paris climate agreement was nothing more than socialist redistribution of wealth (we call that stealing), and they were caught red-handed when it was ultimately discovered that all the money in the world won’t make a dent in their fantasy of climate change – because it’s weather.

This week’s dog-and-Comey show (I stole that from Eric Bolling) backfired to expose their queasy, weak, fame-whoring beta male, Comey, for the incompetent fraudulent leaker he is. Rather than exposing President Trump as the obstructionist, it exposed Obama’s Loretta Lynch.

Turns out the only real zombies are the ones looking back at the left in their own dark mirrors. They are no match for this focused, 4D chess-playing (I stole that from Bill Mitchell) president.

But don’t expect the zombies to ever stop coming for the president. The attacks will never stop, but we are going to be really good at slaying zombies by the end of the Trump’s eight-year presidency.

What do women want? Find the answer in Gina Loudon’s best-selling co-authored blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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