If you can get beyond the irony of the title of Al Gore’s new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” you start to see the meager remnants of a man who once held some power and hoped to hold more.

Every morning, the shadow of a man named Al Gore has to wake up to Donald J. Trump as president. President Trump is even richer than Al Gore; he didn’t make it off the backs of lies and sheeple. And Trump is the most effective president, perhaps in U.S. history.

In a short six months, with little to no help from Congress, this president has managed to cut illegal immigration by 70 percent by the force of sheer will, catapult the stock market to all-time highs, open pipelines and create more than 1 million private-sector jobs, set virtually every economic indicator at an all-time high, change the Supreme Court back to reason for generations, and more.

President Trump is working to dismantle not only every policy lie that Al Gore ever helped to put in place, but this administration is single-handedly dismantling Gore’s lying mechanism and dissemination apparatus.

Al Gore

Al Gore

The failing New York Times will print any amount of crazy that Gore drools on it. What happens when it’s gone?

The fake news media will repeat Gore’s lies, make him look sane and logical and, most importantly, sell his baseless movies and books, which no one would see or read otherwise. How will Al Gore maintain his millions without them?

There is little more insulting to a man who has shrunk from relevance and power than being a smaller man in every way than your worst enemy. There is little more insulting and enraging than having someone like Donald Trump, who didn’t even need politics to have money, power and relevance that Al Gore so deeply desired, dismantle his entire house of cards without ever laying a hand on Gore. That is the worst kind of defeat. No wonder Al Gore is desperate.

He bashes rich people while making a fortune off of people too dumb to critically examine bodies of evidence and make rational decisions based upon reality.

He bashes climate “deniers” while the only one in denial is Al Gore himself, and his sheeple he has given the cult name “climate reality leaders.”

He talks about corruption and big business while his side takes many times the money from Wall Street and corporate America than his victorious enemies do.

He talks about facts when he has none. It’s pathetic really.

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“Brexit, Trump, climate change, oil producers, dark money, Russian influence, it’s all connected,” he says.

Yikes, that's a lot of hot air

Yikes, that’s a lot of hot air

In the minds of moonbat conspiracy theorists, desperately clutching at their power and money while President Trump dismantles the deep state, yes.

I find that with leftist regressives, we always need to start with the basics.

While they call you a religious zealot for denying evolution could be true, have them produce one – just one – animal in transition. Where is their pig evolving into a goat? Where is the horn bud? Where is one single species currently in transition and evolving?

Maybe Al Gore is the missing link. But other than that, they have zero proof of their conspiracies.

You’re not crazy. You simply exist in reality.

Take their climate-change conspiracy theory. Let’s not forget it used to be called “global warming.” That didn’t work because it turned out that the Earth’s natural heating and cooling propensity is cyclical.

So then, they decided to name it climate change.

They blame evil carbon polluters for all their problems. They blame you for driving your car (not Al Gore for taking his jet around the world to talk about it and, oh by the way, make a lot of money off the backs of the gullible and rejected).

But riddle me this, jokers …

If carbon is emitted by cars, and trees need carbon to live, and thrive, explain to me why more carbon doesn’t equal more trees? And if we have more trees and vegetation, can’t we feed more people?

I know. Logic is so Trumpian.

The Guardian, clutching its pearls as it sings the praises of Al Gore’s everything, desperately groping for that last dying breath now that they have all been exposed, wrote this about Gore’s latest gasp of a film:

“The film runs through a host of facts – that 14 of the 15 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001 is just one. And the accompanying footage is biblical, terrifying: tornadoes, floods, ‘rain bombs,’ exploding glaciers. We see roads falling into rivers and fish swimming through the streets of Miami.”

Um … tornadoes, floods and rain have happened since the beginning of time.

They eat up lies – like that the Koch brothers are to blame for Trump’s election. Only one problem: Everyone knows the Kochs didn’t support Trump. He didn’t need their money. He is a billionaire, remember?

And if they were going to mention Kochs, why don’t they mention billionaire George Soros, who, in fact, has astroturfed every “Resist” action to date? Why not mention the real Russian collusion between the Democrats and Russian President Vladimir Putin? How about the uranium sales that benefited the Clinton Foundation? What about the promise then-President Obama made in a hot-mic moment to Putin to work with him “after his re-election”?

They depend on the D.C. machine to pass legislation to do ridiculous things like forcing American taxpayers to fund the killing of babies to the tune of $1.5 million every day. Then Planned Parenthood uses that profit to elect Democrats.

If their little system is dismantled, the elite will be forever disabled. It has taken the imperialists decades to build their pay-to-play scheme on the backs of middle Americans. They will do anything to save the Titanic now. So creating yet another film of pure lies and scare tactics about a Chicken Little “sky is falling” falsehood is right in keeping.

The lies are so thinly veiled these days that even the sheeple are waking up.

On Aug. 18, an angry, defeated mob – composed of former journalist wannabes and people who just want to belong but aren’t smart enough to know how to be in demand – will rush to dutifully take in Gore’s film and pay for his jet fuel to emit more carbon in one trip than they will in their Priuses in a lifetime.

So at least Al isn’t alone in his last stand. He will go down with others.

Perhaps the biggest threat Trump presents is that he used to believe a lot of their lies. He believed in global warming until he followed the money to the fake science and saw their deception. He believed in evolution, probably until someone asked him about the transitional species. He believed in abortion, until his friend faced the horrible choice and chose life.

That must be very threatening to Al Gore.

No wonder his conspiracy theories are entirely off the deep end. He really has nowhere else to go. It’s a shame his theories aren’t true because it would be much more heroic to go out in a blaze of global warming than a thud of defeat.

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