Bill Clinton’s childhood friend: Hillary already running for 2020

By WND Staff

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Her rise to power was once seen as inevitable, her victory in the run for the presidency a foregone conclusion.

Yet today, Hillary Clinton is nothing but a source of anger, embarrassment and frustration for many Democrats who blame the former first lady for wasting enormous sums of money on an incompetent 2016 presidential campaign.

It was, after all, the second time she’s tried and come up short.

Yet to hear her, it was not her fault; it was sexism, the Russians and even the Democratic Party’s national leadership.

One observer who has closely followed her scandal-plagued career over decades, a childhood friend and former romantic partner of former President Bill Clinton, says there is no chance Hillary Clinton will ever accept responsibility for her failures, nor will she ever gracefully fade away from the media spotlight.

“Are you kidding me?” Dolly Kyle responded when asked if Hillary Clinton is planning on running for president again. “Hillary’s already running for president in 2020!

“For over 45 years, she has been riding Billy Clinton’s coattails. She has always known, at a deep level, she was incapable of achieving the lofty goal on her own. That’s why she followed Billy back to Arkansas in 1974. Does anyone think Hillary would have been elected to the Senate from New York if she had not discarded any shred of personal integrity by hitching her political wagon to a rapist/serial sex abuser? OK, to give the devil his due, Billy is a charming, politically astute rapist/serial sex abuser.

“In staying ‘married’ to Billy Clinton, Hillary has been abased and degraded as a battered spouse. After putting up with him/that for all these decades, she is not going to give up now. She has ‘paid her dues.’ It’s ‘her turn.’ She deserves it. She believes this.”

Kyle outlined her history with “Billy” Clinton and encounters with Hillary in her blockbuster book, “Hillary The Other Woman: A Political Memoir.” The book has garnered nearly 900 five-star reviews at, with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of five with 1,130 total reviews.

Now, for Independence Day, has reported it will make the Kindle edition of the book a Daily Deal, at a special price of only $1.49 on July 4.

Now that some time has passed since the election, Kyle argues the root cause of Hillary Clinton’s defeat was her arrogance, a trait that has always been with her.

Dolly Kyle
Dolly Kyle

“We can skip all the psycho-babble about her arrogance being a defense to her underlying feelings of inadequacy, but the arrogance itself is on the surface and observable,” Kyle told WND. “Astute political pundits can follow all the clues and all the rabbit trails in reconstructing the 2016 election, and, at the end of all their research, they will find a root in Hillary’s arrogance.

“Hillary arrogantly assumed the mantle of the Democratic Party in 2016 because she had ‘paid her dues.’ It was ‘her turn.’ She made that same mistake with the upstart Barack Obama in 2008, but she did not learn from it. She’s too arrogant to learn, she thinks she already knows everything. Hillary almost succumbed to the challenge of the upstart (OK, old upstart) Bernie Sanders in 2016, but her primary-season-vote-tampering against Bernie was even better than Barack Obama’s attacks against her had been two primary seasons earlier. Don’t send me angry emails about this vote-tampering accusation; see what happened to Bernie’s primary votes in California college towns.”

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“Hillary’s arrogance was at the root of the national campaign failures on the ground and of her complete disregard for [Democratic] states she considered hers by right. She also arrogantly thought she had outgrown her Bubba-husband’s political wisdom, and she ignored his advice to take it to the people. Again, giving the devil his due, Billy Clinton was one of the best politicians ever to walk the planet. As we say in the South, ‘Dance with the one that brung ya.’ Hillary missed that lesson when she was (arrogantly) serving as first lady in Arkansas … a role in which she caused Billy’s defeat after one term as governor.”

“Hillary the Other Woman” details how Hillary Clinton’s character has remained remarkably consistent even since her days in Arkansas and how even then she would always blame others for her shortcomings.

“Hillary Clinton, like everyone else, is a product of her heredity and environment,” said Kyle. “As my old psych professor Lou Wood used to add, ‘Unfortunately, in most cases, our parents provide both.’ Hillary was raised by a drill-sergeant-type father. He cut no quarter; he allowed no excuses. He did not place a value on taking responsibility for failures; failures were not an option. Hillary learned to lie, evade and attack/blame others for any perceived missing of the mark.

“I did not know Hillary as a child in Chicago, as I did know Billy in Hot Springs, but I’m perfectly capable of drawing logical conclusions, many of which were amply substantiated after ‘Hillary the Other Woman’ was published. For example, I received an email from someone who had gone to high school with Hillary. It seems Hillary ‘won’ only second place in a Science Project competition. Her immediate and vicious reaction was to trash the girl who won, to talk about her behind her back, to accuse her of who-knows-what in order to justify her loss. Sound familiar?”

Kyle notes this pattern of behavior has lasted Hillary Clinton’s entire career.

“If Hillary ever does say she is taking responsibility for something, she then craw-fishes out of it with a hundred excuses,” she observed. “Four dead Americans? ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’ Using an unsecured email server as secretary of state? It’s a ‘nothing-burger’… a ‘nothing-burger’ for which other people are serving time in federal penitentiaries.

“Yes, she has always been like this, forever evading responsibility. No, without a startling spiritual awakening, she will always be like this.”

Though Hillary Clinton was defeated in the last election, Kyle fears the overwhelming liberal bias of most journalists and professors will ensure she is remembered favorably by history, regardless of the truth. For this reason, she urges President Trump to take action and ensure the Clintons are held accountable for their crimes.


“If the old adage is true, ‘history is written by the victors,’ if the Clintons continue to have the support of the left-wing mainstream media and leftist academics, they will write the story any way they want to write it,” Kyle said. “Any doubters of my assertion can check the rewrites about Billy Clinton’s impeachment.

“If, on the other hand, the Clintons end up going to a federal penitentiary for any of their vast numbers of felonies, perhaps a little more of the truth will emerge.”

Still, Kyle takes some pleasure in Hillary Clinton’s defeat and her own contribution to that effort. Unfortunately, even after all this time, “Billy” Clinton’s childhood friend warns neither she nor the nation has heard the last of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“My personal opinion of Hillary has not changed, unless it’s a bit lower due to reading the anecdotal evidence people keep sending me,” Kyle said, adding she wants people to stop sending her such stories because they are “depressing.”

“I didn’t want to write ‘Hillary the Other Woman’ in the first place, but after seeing her lying-dog political commercial saying that women who claimed to have been raped or sexually abused should be believed, I couldn’t sit by in Arkansas ignoring what I knew,” Kyle said. “It was my civic duty to write the book, and I did my civic duty. I would love it if I never had to hear about Hillary Clinton again. Unfortunately, unless someone throws a bucket of water on her, she is not going to shrivel into oblivion.”

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