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One thing Linda Sarsour has never been accused of is being shy.

She has been building her brand for over a decade, starting out as the executive director of the Arab-American Association of New York. But many never heard of her until she became a media darling by co-organizing the Women’s March on Washington against the election of President Donald Trump.

The American-born Palestinian routinely issues hateful statements about the world’s lone Jewish state, once claiming, “Nothing is creepier than Zionism,” while also suggesting that Zionism is “racism.”

She has accused the Trump administration and those who support it of being “white supremacists.”

Her said her “mentor” and “encourager” is Siraj Wahhaj, whom she called “my favorite person in this room” at the recent convention of the Islamic Society of North America. Wahhaj has openly called for violent jihad and is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Wahhaj also openly calls for Shariah to be implemented in the United States.

Linda Sarsour flashes the 'oneness of Allah' sign often seen by ISIS fighters

Linda Sarsour flashes the ‘oneness of Allah’ sign often seen by ISIS fighters

Based on her own words and the company she keeps, the Louis D. Brandeis Center considers Linda Sarsour to be a modern-day anti-Semite with “deeply hostile views of Israel.”

But Sarsour also does not hesitate to attack Arabs and even Muslims who do not share her enthusiasm for Shariah.

Sarsour once suggested that anti-Shariah activists Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian, and Somali Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali were less than full women. Ali is a survivor of female genital mutilation, having been subjected to the barbaric practice when she was a 5-year-old girl living in Muslim-dominated and Shariah-adherent Somalia.

Gabriel runs ACT For America, a national anti-Shariah organization.

In what some have called one of the most hateful attacks on a woman in the history of Twitter, Sarsour famously tweeted in 2011 about Gabriel and Ali: “I wish I could take their vaginas away.”


So when she used the stage of the nation’s largest Islamist convention earlier this month to openly call for “jihad” against the Trump administration and the “white supremacists” in positions of authority, many conservatives took her at her word. Jihad, as in holy war – the Muslim Brotherhood way, whether violent or civilizational, the end goal is still the same: Islamic dominance over other faiths and other systems of government.

But now that her public profile has been raised and more people are paying attention to her controversial comments, Sarsour is incensed that anyone would consider her a jihadist.

Sarsour is so livid that anyone would take her invocation of the word “jihad” as anything but a benign spiritual “struggle” that she is threatening to unleash a legal jihad against her critics if they don’t back off.

On Wednesday, she tweeted that she is taking names, and keeping a list.

As the blog Creeping Sharia noted, Sarsour has friends in high places, not the least of which is CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Islamist civil rights organization, and the ACLU, which will help her with her lawsuits.

People will pay, she warned, “with their pockets.”

But Robert Spencer, one of her fiercest critics, is not intimidated by Sarsour.

On Thursday, Spencer challenged Sarsour in a post at Jihad Watch that stated:

“Well, come and get me, Ms. Sarsour. If I am on your enemies list, I do hope you got my name right: it’s Robert, not Richard, and Spencer, not Spenser. If you sue, our day in court will be most interesting: I argued that you, as a devout and knowledgeable Muslim, must know that the Qur’an’s primary vision of jihad involves violence and warfare, and so does that of the Hadith and Islamic law. To claim that I was ‘lying’ about you, you would have to demonstrate that you’re completely ignorant of Islamic texts and teachings. And that could have unfortunate implications for your reputation among your legions of followers. This could be great fun!”

Spencer said Sarsour’s “victimhood act” is as tiresome as it is predictable:

“Here is a woman who is a darling of the Left and the establishment media whining because she has faced some justified criticism. She got a platform in the Washington Post to clarify her ‘jihad’ remarks, and recently gave the commencement speech at CUNY. She is lionized and hailed everywhere in the mainstream, while her critics are shut out of the mainstream, shouted down and physically menaced when we speak at colleges and universities (if we get invited at all), and excoriated everywhere as ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes.’ Oh, and then there are the death threats, which have the reality of the Islamic jihad behind them, while Sarsour’s claim that she has received death threats has only the chimera of ‘right-wing extremism’ behind it. So kindly cut the whining, Ms. Sarsour: if you were standing for freedom, you would find out what it really means to be victimized.”

As WND previously reported, Sarsour has family ties to terrorists in Israel.

In the run-up to the 2004 U.S. presidential election, an article was published by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism’s online magazine that shed light on Sarsour’s family connections to Hamas.

The article stated:

“Sarsour, a 24-year-old Palestinian-American, sighed. One of the men, she said, was a cousin who has been in Israeli jails for 25 years. The other man, she said, was a family friend serving a 99-year prison sentence in Israel. Her brother-in-law, she said, is also serving a 12-year sentence, accused of being an activist in the Hamas, the religious militant group, though, she said, he was secular in his beliefs.”

John Guandolo, a former FBI counter-terrorism specialist, wrote in a blog Thursday that Sarsour has long been a key mouthpiece for those waging civilization jihad against the West and America in particular.

“Linda Sarsour has been a jihadi for a long time, so her recent comments calling for warfare/jihad against the President of the United States should not shock people,” Guandolo writes at Understanding the Threat. “What is shocking, however, is that so many do not understand how dangerous she is and that she is a well-used tool in the enemy’s strategic information operations.”

Under Islamic law (Shariah), “jihad” only means “warfare against non-Muslims” to “establish Islam,” Guandolo says.

“Linda Sarsour comes from a Hamas family. Hamas is an inherent part of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood.”

Hamas is also listed by the U.S. State Department as a designated foreign terrorist organization.

“When Sarsour speaks, her comments – like all comments from all Islamic leaders – must be understood through the filter of Shariah because she is a Shariah-adherent Muslim (a jihadi),” Quandolo said.


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