Praying mantis eating hummingbird.Photo credit: Tom Vaughan via University of Basel

Praying mantis eating hummingbird.
Photo credit: Tom Vaughan via University of Basel

Praying mantis or “preying” mantis?

Summer’s in full swing and so is the activity in many gardens across this great nation. But not all that’s going on revolves around spectacular blooms and sun-ripened tomatoes. Amid all that beauty, the struggle for life is real – and just as gruesome as any national headline.

The terrorist lying in wait: the praying mantis. That’s right, the favorite for organic gardeners who seek natural modes to remove pests is not that picky when it comes to satisfying appetites. Top of the menu this time of year – provided the muscled mantis can out-maneuver it – is hummingbird. Or more pointedly, bird brain.

“The mantises usually pierce the skull to feed on brain tissue,” said biologist William Brown of the State University of New York at Fredonia in a HuffPo exposé revealing the worldwide phenomenon.

So why equate these brutal killers to prayer?

“As the mantis stalks its victim, the legs (in front) are held folded under its head. When it does this, it looks as if it might be praying,” GridClub explains. Grace before meals?

Watch the following video and get a taste of how this diner enjoys a winged repast:

And, yes, that poor hummer is very much alive while the Mantis takes full advantage of the “feeder” set out by well-intended bird lovers. Nasty!

But also damaging. “Our study shows the threat mantises pose to some bird populations,” Martin Nyffeler, the lead author of the study (out of the University of Basel), said in a statement. “Thus, great caution is advised when releasing mantises for pest control.”

So, it’s either birds or bugs, folks – or barbarous backyard battles you may just want to skip.

Weather forecast in Sweden vs. Iraq

Weather forecast in Sweden vs. Iraq

Sweden’s forecast: Blistering jihad

Take a peek at the weather forecast in Sweden versus Iraq in the video below. Ignore the portent of rain, sun or squall. Note the weather girls – correction, “women.” Don’t want to run afoul of Hijab Honey Linda Sarsour – and that will tell you all you need to know about what’s coming. Then again, Sweden has already been hit harder than any tornado could manage.

But burkas equal being liberated, don’t ya know? And Western clothes airing on Middle East media … well, that’s the way that those backward endorsers of anything and everything that truly subjugates women are going to come to terms with allowing large swaths of their female population to emigrate to the United States … where they will be free to adopt oppressive head and body gear whenever and wherever they want.

Confused yet? Good. That’s the point.

One commenter on Bare Naked Islam had this to say about it: “This PC crap is the end of Europe. What still troubles me endlessly is why the native people of Europe, at least in the west, do not rise up and stop this!! Seems as if they never learned the lessons of WW2. Nazi friends are now taking over where Hitler left off. Where is the conservative Jewish community? Where is the Christian crusaders? Where is the secular anti-religious crowd? Does anyone know that Hitler called the grand Mufti of Egypt the Arab Fuhrer? That Islam backed the extermination of Jews and others? I sure hope the USA is not forced again to liberate these lazy bums who will not fight their own fight!!”

Modern-day Viking pillaging Sweden

Modern-day Viking pillaging Sweden

But it’s more than just not fighting one’s own fight. It’s about an orchestrated take-down that even Don King couldn’t pull off.

One thing is certain. With trouble brewing like this in Europe, the weather really doesn’t matter. Jihad isn’t going to be called off on account of rain.

Devastated dad, Clifford Kang, gives proof of what looked to be “a great kid, a normal kid"

Devastated dad, Clifford Kang, gives proof of what looked to be “a great kid, a normal kid”

Trust, but verify: Good policy

If thoughts of preying brain-suckers and Jihadi newscasters isn’t doing it for you, check out the latest infiltration right here at home. And not out in the garden – in the U.S. Army!

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang

Creeping Sharia reports: “(Ikaika) Kang, a trained air traffic controller based at Hawaii’s Wheeler Army Airfield, had his military clearance revoked in 2012 for making pro-Islamic State comments while at work and on-post and threatening to hurt or kill fellow service members. His clearance was reinstated a year later after he completed military requirements.”

Well, whoops. Even though the military insists that Kang was only “radicalized” in 2016 – how to classify killing fellow service members under the banner of pro-Islam? – it would seem U.S. officials caught a lucky break. A very lucky break.

The Sergeant First Class, on active duty until just last Saturday (July 8), was caught in a protracted sting wherein Kang was led to believe that he was pledging fidelity to the Islamic State. He’d already aided those who he believed were his new masters to obtain a drone. Its purpose was to aid ISIS militants evade United States fighting forces. Kang also intended to fork over classified military documents he’d copied back in 2015 to further cement his allegiance to foreign powers. Hmmm. That 2015 copy date doesn’t quite match with “becoming radicalized” in 2016.

Check out the report on CBS’s “This Morning” in the video below:

Be vigilant, folks, and stay safe!

On the lighter side

Talk of jihad, terror and killer brain-sucking bugs got you down? Feeling a little tense? Relax!

This little bird in the following clip sure did, to the tune of falling off his chair – literally. Take a peek:

Feel better? If not, hit replay until the anxiety sloughs right off. No Q-Tips required.

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