Corey Stewart

Corey Stewart

President Donald Trump jostled the entire American political arena during the 2016 presidential campaign when his take-no-prisoners Make America Great Again theme resonated with voters, who rejected Hillary Clinton’s “four more years of more socialism plan.”

Now a Trump-supporting Senate candidate says it needs to be moved even further.

“I’m in it to take back our country,” says Republican Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors. “I will not stop at anything. I will be absolutely ruthless at taking down Tim Kaine and smashing any Republican establishment figure who tries to stop me.”

An outsider, he recently announced his intention to run for U.S. Senate in Virginia in 2018.

A Republican victory in that race would be doubly insulting to the Clinton campaign, since her pick for vice president, Democrat Tim Kaine, currently holds the seat.

Stewart wants to change the current atmosphere, in which Trump has faced opposition from the media, from the Democrats, and even some in his own party.

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.

WND conducted an exclusive interview with Stewart at his home shortly after he announced his run on July 13.

“I think people are looking for a fighter,” Stewart told WND. “They’re looking for a conservative who is vicious, who is ruthless, who is going to take off the gloves, and who is going to beat the hell out of his opponent. They’re looking for that, yearning for it.”

Stewart is an outspoken supporter of President Trump at a time when many Republicans seem to be distancing themselves from him.

“You need to support the president,” he stated. “A lot of Republicans are just, they’re running away from him, they’re afraid of him. You have to strongly stand by President Trump.”

Stewart thinks the reason Trump has not implemented his full agenda yet is because he is not getting the support he needs from those around him, Republican or Democrat.

“Look, it’s very difficult to implement your agenda when you have so few of your staff, your appointees, in there,” Stewart reasoned. “He really hasn’t filled all of his administration in there yet, and there’s a lot of people to blame for that, but once that happens you’re going to start to see some momentum there. We just have to be patient.”

That is why Stewart is running for Senate. He believes Trump needs more people who support him in Washington, and more people ready to fight for the issues he’s promoting.

“We have to take off the gloves, and we have to fight,” he insisted. “We have to understand that a lot of the blue-collar supporters who are now on the Republican side, who are now behind President Trump, they look for a fighter. They want somebody who’s vicious. They want somebody who’s ruthless, because they feel that their country is under attack, they feel like America is losing its way, and they feel like nobody on the right is doing anything to stop the left from destroying our country. And so when they see a conservative champion, a conservative warrior, somebody who’s willing to be ruthless and vicious, that’s why they’re going to support me, frankly, when I run and take out Tim Kaine.”

Stewart is looking to replicate Trump’s electoral success by emulating the president’s tactics. Moreover, he is seeking to rebound from a narrow election loss. It was only last month that Stewart lost to Ed Gillespie in the Republican primary for governor of Virginia.

He came far closer to winning the primary than expected, losing 44 percent to 43 percent despite polls showing him 27 points behind Gillespie.

“If we had a little bit more time, a little bit more money, we could have overcome that extra 1 percent that we lost by,” Stewart said. “We knew we had momentum. We felt it on the ground, we knew that people were starting to pay attention. If we had just a little bit more money, a little bit more time, we would have won.”

He plans to correct that mistake this time, starting his campaign early to raise more funds.

“We’re less than a year out from the Republican primary,” Stewart said. “I’m going to need a lot of time to raise money. Between now and September of this year . . . I’m going to be totally focused on fundraising across the country – making the phone calls, doing whatever it takes to raise the financing necessary to remove Tim Kaine.”

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, who recently launched a campaign of his own to try and unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District, believes the country needs men like Corey Stewart in Washington.

“President Trump is more popular than virtually every other current GOP officeholder,” Nehlen told WND. “Americans spoke loud and clear they want an America-first immigration policy, trade policy and a full repeal of Obamacare.”

Nehlen, author of the brand-new book “Wage the Battle: Putting America First in the Fight to Stop Globalist Politicians and Secure the Borders,” asserted “the only way to truly change the system is to change the crooked politicians at the levers of power.”

He believes Stewart can win in Virginia if he stays focused on the issues that concern the people who propelled Trump into the White House. It will be an uphill battle, however.

“I absolutely believe Corey Stewart can win this race,” Nehlen said. “That being said, as with the Ossoff election in Georgia, the Democrats will pour a fortune into winning the Virginia Senate seat.”

Like Trump, Stewart counts immigration as one of his top issues of concern.

“One of the prime obligations under the Constitution of the United States of the federal government is to protect the sovereignty of the United States, to protect its borders,” Stewart said. “We’re not doing that right now. We have people who are coming into our country, known criminals coming into our country. They’re attacking, wounding, and committing crimes against American citizens, and after they’re done with that, they’re released right back into the communities. That’s got to end.”

Another of Stewart’s top issues is protecting Southern heritage, especially when it comes to the Confederacy and the Civil War.

“I think Southern heritage is American heritage,” Stewart stated. “Whether you were born in the South or whether you came to the South, you have an obligation to protect its history and its heritage, and it’s under attack. You have the left, the loony left, taking down historical monuments. It’s wrong, and one of the reasons it’s wrong is, look, those monuments were placed there by a previous generation, which wanted to remind us and future generations of the horrors of war and what happened. They also wanted to remind us to give some appreciation to those who fought to defend the state. I think it’s just wrong to tear down history no matter what it is.”

Mark Taylor and Mary Colbert write in “The Trump Prophecies” about the miracle of the 2016 election, and what the Body of Christ should do – now – for the nation.


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