Colorado gunman James Holmes

Colorado gunman James Holmes

12 shot dead in ‘gun-free’ movie theater

July 20, 2012: WND was first to report that the movie theater where Colorado gunman James Holmes opened fire, killing 12 and wounding 58, had a strict policy against firearms on its premises, even for patrons with concealed handgun permits.

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Documents tie Clinton to audit of journalists

July 20, 1999: In 1996, it was just a hunch – informed by years of news experience – when Joseph Farah alleged in the pages of the Wall Street Journal that his non-profit news organization, the Western Journalism Center, the parent company of, had been targeted for an Internal Revenue Service audit because of its investigative reporting into Clinton administration scandal and cover-up.

"What do they know?"

Former President Bill Clinton

But the hunch paid off when a heavily redacted 1997 Treasury Department report titled, “Questionable Exempt Organization Examination Activity,” was released July 6, 1999, to Farah’s news organization following three years of FOIA filings and appeals for such information. Contradicting IRS officials and their Justice Department lawyers in two pending suits against the agency by the center and its legal counsel, the Treasury report stated unequivocally and repeatedly that the audit began with a letter forwarded from the White House to the IRS.

“The documents we now have in our possession, at long last, prove the White House did just that in our case and that his administration has engaged in a massive cover-up of the facts behind this abuse of power,” said Farah.

“That letter was forwarded just the way it was to convey a message to officials and underlings at the IRS,” he said. “The message was the White House has a special interest in this case. See what you can do to help him out. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.”

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